Poem: Standard Haiku

I never really claim to be a poet, but I like writing poetry. I love haiku. Its beauty is in its simplicity. A rigid format that nonetheless lets you play within the boundaries.


Standard Haiku

By Michelle Garren Flye


We once held the Truth,

It squirmed away, leaving just

A bloody remnant.


Better than Justice,

Who left us what we didn’t

Use—her blinded eyes.


Oh, Morality!

What have you become? Twisted

Past recognition.

National Poetry Month: Poem 24

I had some fun with this one. 🙂


Poem 24

Headline Design

By Michelle Garren Flye


Little bits, pieces.

Unimportant on the floor.

Haircuts for the news.


Is that the story?

Which words are most trustworthy?

What makes the whole truth?


Bits and pieces lie.

Truth lies in between the cracks.

Don’t believe one source.

National Poetry Month: Poem 2

Poem 2:

The Unknown

By Michelle Garren Flye

Golden leaf volumes

On dusty library shelves

Knowledge unembraced.


And from my youngest:

The Early Bloomer

By Jessica

Snowfall ends. 

But the trees still don’t have leaves.

No flowers yet bloomed.

Until one tulip pops up.

Tulips aren’t supposed to be up yet.

Oh well it is very beautiful.

The next day, it’s not there.

Oh no.

It was gone.

Forever and ever.

It inspired other tulips to grow, though.

Now there were millions.

Everyone loved that early flower.

Everyone loved that early bloomer.

(Inspired by tulip season)