Island Magic

Can magic heal her wounds, or will it take a little island heat?
Island Magic eBook
Freshly divorced, Rachel Duvall thinks she wants nothing more than to party and drink and somehow fill the aching void in her life with whatever her alimony can buy her. What better place to do it than on Isla Foriscura, the Caribbean island getaway owned by handsome ex-magician Ian Logan?

Drawn to Rachel from the moment she walks into his life, Logan can see she needs help. Rachel has lost her faith in love, magic and even happiness. He thinks he can restore it, but to do so, he’ll have to pull off the greatest trick of his career. With the help of his fellow magicians, he might just manage it.

Can a little Island Magic heal the wounds that have left both of them feeling incomplete? Or will a few hot jungle nights and an undeniable attraction help Rachel and Logan spark a little magic of their own?

“Good character development, an interesting plot and and attention to detail, all things I have come to expect from Michelle Garren Flye…”

“…a good read and goes well with popcorn and hot chocolate…”