Tracks in the Sand

Can time mend all wounds, or does it take a little love?


Ten years ago, Paige Cox left her hometown in the mountains of North Carolina, swearing she’d never go back to her cheating husband, her alcoholic mother and the best friend who’d betrayed her. However, her sister’s death and her career as a war correspondent have changed her priorities. Honoring her sister’s last wish, she returns home to care for her dying mother.

Sean Anderson has been in love with Paige most of his life, even when he had to let her go. Now, confronted by her return, he knows he’ll never be satisfied as just a friend. But Sean’s life is in the town he still calls home. Can he convince Paige it’s worth putting down roots? Or will his own past prevent him from finally having the life he’s dreamed of?

Praise for Michelle Garren Flye’s Tracks in the Sand
5 stars on Amazon:
“Another great book by Michelle Garren Flye!”
“a raw emotional journey”
“warm and believable modern love story”

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