Winter Solstice

Assignment from hell, or divine romance?

Becky Gray expects her new job in the Public Relations Office of Buncombe
County Hospital to be easy, but her first assignment takes
her onto the front lines of the Emergency Room. Assigned to follow sexy Dr.
John Grant–whose skill as a physician is overshadowed by his reputation as
a womanizer–Becky is caught up in a whirlwind of emotion and drama.
Can she find safety in the arms of a man she should despise?

“…outstanding characters, wonderful storyline, great dialog, and delicious humor that just adds flavor to the story.” — BOOKED UP REVIEWS

“I liked Winter Solstice, especially the lead characters. … It’s well-written, with just enough sexual tension, plus believable conflicts that are finally solved satisfactorily.” — MANIC READERS

“Well written contemporary story for those who like drama type love stories.” — ROMANCE BOOK SCENE

“I thoroughly enjoyed this love story. The author has created two people with very realistic problems that they must get through before truly getting together. … The love scenes were exquisite and beautifully done.” — THE ROMANCE STUDIO

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