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Romance and magic around every corner. And you can find them in Michelle Garren Flye’s contemporary romances. Choose a book…click to read more…discover the everyday magic of romance.

dickens-magicXander Lawrence has made it on Broadway. He’s got everything in life he could possibly want, but then Kate, his best friend from high school, calls. … READ MORE










Carole Barnes once believed she would make her own way in Hollywood, but those daysPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00074] are long gone, leaving behind only a dark, slimy secret … READ MORE









Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00074]Sabrina Parker has spent her professional life creating unbelievable stunts and magical effects for movies and stage magicians. Now she needs some special magic … READ MORE










In the aftermath of the Battle of the Portal, Kaelyn and Jack are left to pick up the pieces. But now they face their greatest challenge yet. Locking the portal hasn’t provided the Meti with the safety they’d hoped for. Instead, it has wrenched the world… READ MORE










The people of the strange little town of Sanctuary have enjoyed their status as a tourist attraction for decades. But on her twenty-sixth birthday, Kaelyn Anderson discovers a dark secret about her hometown…. READ MORE









Island Magic eBook

Freshly divorced, Rachel Duvall thinks she wants nothing more than to party and drink and somehow fill the aching void in her life with whatever her alimony can buy her. What better place to do it than on Isla Foriscura, the Caribbean island getaway owned by handsome ex-magician Ian Logan?… READ MORE









Ten years ago, Paige Cox left her hometown in the mountains of North Carolina, swearing she’d never go back to her cheating husband, her alcoholic mother and the best friend who’d betrayed her. But life changes things… READ MORE








Saturday Love

In the sequel to critically-acclaimed DUCKS IN A ROW, Will Hubbard returns to his family vineyard, leaving behind his restaurant, his life, and the woman he loves…READ MORE








Escape MagicEbook

Escape magician Lady Lydia can pick any lock, untie any knot, free herself from any trunk of doom. She’s spent years perfecting her brand of escapology, and she’s now poised for success with a Las Vegas show and growing popularity. She’s right where she wants to be, and she’s determined not to fall into any trap. READ MORE









Reporter Stacey Matthewson has made a living writing sensational stories that knock celebrities off their pedestals. Now she’s got a hot lead on an even hotter magician who’s mystifying Las Vegas with his new show–the problem is, she’s had a crush on him for years. How can she write a story that might ruin him, especially when he proves himself to be so much more than she’d ever dreamed? READ MORE









Cady Summers thinks she has all her ducks in a row: great house, beautiful family. Then her estranged twin sister Cam shows up…pregnant. Envious of her sister’s condition and lonely with a teenage daughter and a workaholic husband, Cady’s life no longer seems to have the perfect order she has always cherished. READ MORE








All widowed Alicia Galloway has left of her war-hero husband are the flag that draped his coffin and his final wishes: to move to his hometown, take over the family bookstore and enjoy a simple, quiet life with their two small children. When she arrives, her husband’s best friend makes that new life anything but simple. How can she be so drawn to Liam Addison? READ MORE








Becky Gray expects her new job in the Public Relations Office of Buncombe County Hospital to be easy, but her first assignment takes her onto the front lines of the Emergency Room. Assigned to follow sexy Dr. John Grant–whose skill as a physician is overshadowed by his reputation as a womanizer–Becky is caught up in a whirlwind of emotion and drama. READ MORE








Society reporter Josie Stewart is all too familiar with billionaire Dan Mason, who recently took over the reins of his ailing father’s business. He has no intention of allowing anything, even his own conscience, to get in his way. READ MORE








Weeds and Flowers cover

Charlie is twelve years old when her life changes forever. Her mother has remarried, her best friend Marleen has grown distant and Charlie’s crush on her friend’s older brother Kyle is going nowhere. Then Kyle’s girlfriend is kidnapped and murdered, leaving Charlie and her small hometown reeling from the shock. Can it be that the world Charlie believed in her whole life isn’t what it seems? READ MORE








A romance anthology featuring “Agapi Mou” by Michelle Garren Flye! Everyone has a little spot in their heart for the wonderful, mysterious men of far away lands. Be it Italian or Greek, French or British, an accent and a different passport are a guarantee to make women swoon. READ MORE








Best of All Sins Cover

Contains Michelle Garren Flye’s Award-Winning Story “Life After”! The Best Of All Sins: Stories Of Love & Heartbreak is a collection of great romance stories, each unique in its take on love. Is love life’s greatest treasure or a source of endless suffering? Is love worthwhile? READ MORE

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