Romance Girls Gone Goblin Halloween Blog Hop Begins! Prizes Galore!

And so it begins.

The Romance Girls Gone Goblin Blog Hop kicked off first thing this morning and I, of course, was unprepared. I have two kids class parties to attend today, plus my favorite art gallery is having a party tonight, so I had to get dinner into the crockpot. But now I’m here, and I have a grand thirty minutes set aside to update my blog.

I wracked my brains to figure out what to write about for Halloween, and I kept coming back to my work-in-progress. It’s half ghost story, half romance, and I’m working hard to get the creepy edge just right. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything close to horror, but I’m rediscovering my love of the genre. Anyway, in honor of Halloween and Romance Girls Gone Goblin, I thought I’d give you just a taste of one of my chilling scenes before getting to the good stuff (my giveaway).


A whisper, somewhere just outside the range of hearing. Was it a memory or something more?


The light breeze from the heavy night breathed over her skin, heating instead of cooling the drops of sweat. She welcomed its touch, tilting her head back and lifting her mass of auburn hair.

Yes…come to me…

How she’d made it outside, she didn’t know. Pain pricked the skin of her legs. She’d stumbled through something, scraping them in the process. Sharp sticks? Barbed wire? She couldn’t tell, but the blood running down her calves felt hotter than it should, almost fevered.

But he was there. Wherever she was, he was there. More than a large, dark shadow now, she could feel him hard against her as he pulled her into massive arms, lowering his lips to hers. He tasted salty, as if his skin was covered with seawater, and she recoiled.


Now that I’ve whet your appetite for all things spooky romance, here’s my offering:

Included in this giveaway are a tote bag with the cover of WINTER SOLSTICE on one side and SECRETS OF THE LOTUS on the other, a paperback copy of Hyprink’s The Best of All Sins: Stories of Love & Heartbreak featuring my award-winning story LIFE AFTER, a $25 iBooks gift card and some swag, including the beautiful postcard my friend Shannon LuQuire of Trade Ideas, Inc. put together for me with blurbs of my two published books and a sneak peek at my as-yet-unpublished book THE SIXTH FOLD. Sorry, the pumpkin is not included as it belongs to my daughter!

Two steps to win!
1. Follow my blog. (Humor me. I know you won’t always read all my posts, but every now and then I do come up with some cool stuff, and I’ve got some great stuff planned for December, including another giveaway!) If you already follow my blog, you can skip this step.
2. Leave a comment on THIS post with your name and email address. I’ll throw your name into the hat.

Winner will be announced the morning of November 1. For a full list of participating blogs in this blog hop, check out Lisa Sanchez’s blog here: Lisa Sanchez. Lots of other giveaways out there! Good luck!

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What Makes a Super-Couple? A Study of Soap Opera Characters

Hi. My name is Michelle and I am a soap opera addict.

Well, I’m addicted to one soap in particular. Days of Our Lives. My mom watched it when I was a toddler playing in the living room with blocks and baby dolls. I took a brief hiatus during elementary school (although I did enjoy it when I was sick), and then the advent of the VCR and then the DVR allowed me to become re-addicted. Nowadays, I watch it on Hulu while I’m on the treadmill. I almost never miss an episode.

It’s exciting times in soap opera world. You’re either fixing your formula so you can compete with the talk show hosts or you’re getting cancelled. Days, or DOOL as my fellow addicts and I affectionately refer to it, has chosen the first, and far more preferable, route. After years of sub-par plots, untalented (and very young) actors and a startling preference for violence over romance, the Powers-That-Be seem to be listening to the fans. They’ve pared down the cast to the most talented, and now they’re bringing back some old fan favorites and giving some others more meaty storylines.

This all got me thinking. Soap operas, at least since the eighties, have been known for creating “super-couples”. These are the couples in soaps who are truly together “until death do they part.” If you’re a fan of soaps, you know these couples are never going to be torn apart, no matter what. Well, sometimes they get divorced or accidentally fall in love with somebody else for a while, but only if they think the other one is dead while they’ve really only been kidnapped. Or maybe they did die but were brought back to life for nefarious purposes by an evil genius. Either way, love will conquer all in the end.

But what makes these couples so indestructible? How do they have such powers for forgiveness and love that they can overcome finding someone else in their spouse’s bed after they’ve fought their way out of a dungeon to get home? I’ve come up with a (sort of) formula for this, just in case anybody out there would like to attempt to replicate this heaven on earth in real life.

First, they must both be incredibly attractive, but probably in different ways. For instance, the woman is a debutante or a professional while the man is sort of a diamond in the rough. A nice scruffy beard is a plus, but just a permanent five o’clock shadow will do. And while the woman is absolutely clueless (at least at first) as to the effect she has on the man, the man should definitely believe he is God’s gift to women. (If there are any guys out there reading this, this attitude most definitely does not work in real life. Trust me, you won’t be able to pull it off like an outwardly alpha/hidden beta male can.)

Second, the man must be an alpha male, but with a tender side that the woman uncovers by accident. He’s often brusque and rude, especially in her presence, but if given the opportunity, he will save little children and kittens (accidentally in her presence).

Third, our couple must experience an element of danger. Life-threatening (mostly for her) danger is best, and if it can be brought about by him, all the better.

Finally, the woman must be so attracted to the man, she will never, ever give up on him. Even when he’s rude and endangers her life, she will turn a blind eye and a deaf ear. After all, she knows there is more to this guy. She’s witnessed his bravery when small children and kittens are at stake. And besides, the five o’clock shadow is too sexy to leave.

On second thought, I don’t think I would recommend reproducing these characteristics in real life. However, if you’d care to live in a fantasy for a while, try reading a romance or two. Like these:

Josie let him take her hand. “No, I guess not. How do you know for sure when somebody can’t hurt you anymore?”

Dan’s thumb moved gently over the backs of her fingers in an absent but comforting gesture. “I suppose it’s when you no longer feel like they have the ability to reach into your chest and grab hold of your heart.”

“I’m not sure I ever felt that way about Eric.”

“You’re lucky.” He was still looking at her hand.

“Then you have?” She was surprised, she had to admit. She hadn’t thought he ever let women get that close to him.

Dan dropped her hand abruptly. “Only once. We should go before I get a parking ticket.”

Startled, Josie watched as he pulled on a sweatshirt and headed to the door.


“Sure, yeah.” She picked up her bag. “Sorry.” She followed him, wondering which of his many conquests had elicited such intensity of feeling from him and if that woman fully appreciated
what she’d left behind.

“Has anyone ever told you you’re very sexy when you’re feeling guilty?” John asked.

Becky looked up to find him smiling. With a rush of violence, she wanted to hit him. In fact, she did raise her hand to strike him, but he forestalled that by stepping forward, one arm sliding around her waist, the other hand behind her head, pulling her to him, his lips first gentle on hers, then more demanding. As she relaxed in his arms, he drew her even closer, the hand behind her head sliding down to the nape of her neck in the lightest of caresses.

It was the first time they’d kissed in nearly two weeks. It felt incredible to be in his arms again. She realized how much she had missed being with him and reveled in the heat between them, wanting more, but knowing this embrace would have to end.

He released her with obvious reluctance, tapering off the one long passionate kiss to several slow and deliberate kisses, finally stopping completely.

Four Hearts for Winter Solstice!!!! (and a little more debate about sex scenes)

Just discovered another review for WINTER SOLSTICE on The Romance Studio. The reviewer gives WINTER SOLSTICE four hearts and said she would read more by me! Those are always welcome words, so thank you to The Romance Studio for the encouragement. Here’s a short excerpt and a link to the review:

“I thoroughly enjoyed this love story. The author has created two people with very realistic problems that they must get through before truly getting together. … The love scenes were exquisite and beautifully done.” — The Romance Studio

I especially love that last line. As you know if you’ve read my blog much, I’m sort of shy about the love/sex scenes in my book. I debated about even putting them in. Some romance writers don’t. I have to admit, however, that when I read those romances, I tend to feel sort of cheated. Either the couple goes into the bedroom and closes the door on the reader, or they never actually get around to it at all.

I’ve chosen a different approach for my sex scenes, and it’s good to know it’s working, at least for one reviewer. I don’t do obligatory sex. That’s not in my personality, anyway, so I doubt I could write well about it. Sex is important to my characters. In SECRETS OF THE LOTUS (spoiler), Dan and Josie don’t get around to having sex until about three-quarters of the way through, since I used a pretty traditional formula for this book. In WINTER SOLSTICE, however, the reader doesn’t have to wait that long. Becky and John actually have sex pretty early on, but that very fact shaped the entire plot and future of their romance.

My only goal for my sex scenes is that they must somehow affect the plot and somehow develop the characters more fully. Is it possible to write a good romance without a good sex scene? Probably. Any other opinions on this?

Laboring on Labor Day

I’m spending my Labor Day writing as much as possible. I’ve latched onto a new idea and I like it, finally, so I’m going with it. I’ve wanted to write a pirate love story for some time now, and I think I’ve finally found one. I had to rename the main character last night, because I realized he was not a Roger. He needed a good solid seafaring name, but I settled on Colin, which seems to suit him and also celebrates the fact that Colin Firth, one of my favorite actors, will be filming a new movie in North Carolina soon.

So instead of a real post today, I’m going to give you a taste of my most recently published labor of love, WINTER SOLSTICE, which is all about love in the workplace:

At the end of the day, she stopped by the admissions desk to catch her breath and talk to Amy, a critical-care nurse. John approached and reached around her to drop a chart on the desk, his fleeting proximity making it difficult for Becky to breathe.

“That’s it for me. I’m out of here.” He started to turn away then paused, and his gaze met Becky’s. “I’ll be home later if you want to call me about those questions you had.”

She felt her face burn and ducked her head, hoping to hide her arousal if not her embarrassment. “Of course. I’ll do that.” She made some quick notes on her paper and when she glanced up, he was long gone, but Amy looked at her with a mixture of pity and commiseration. “You’ve got it pretty bad, huh?”

Becky hesitated, wondering if plausible deniability was still possible, but Amy shook her head. “Don’t worry about it, hon. We’ve all been there. I mean, he’s got everything going for him. He’s rich, a doctor, intelligent, and we won’t even mention S-E-X-Y. Just don’t lose your heart. He might be an eligible bachelor, but he’s also a confirmed one.”

“No worries.” Becky laughed and tossed her head, but she wondered if she fooled Amy anymore than she fooled herself.

The truth was she really didn’t know where she and John stood with each other. His continued professionalism at work did nothing to help her find her footing. If he’d grabbed her when she walked in the door and kissed her in front of everyone, or dragged her into his office and torn her clothes off, or even if he’d just asked her out for drinks again, she’d have some clue. Instead, he invited her to call him.

She groaned inwardly. She’d never expected to find herself so out of control, and in spite of her misgivings, she had every intention of accepting his invitation and probably repeating the
previous night’s performance.

WINTER SOLSTICE earns Five Hearts!!!!

Second review for WINTER SOLSTICE just came out on Romance Book Scene. They gave it five hearts! I’m thrilled. My thanks go out to the very intelligent reviewers over at Romance Book Scene. 🙂 You can read the entire review here: WINTER SOLSTICE GETS FIVE HEARTS. Or here’s a little tidbit: “Well written contemporary story for those who like drama type love stories.”

Just a note to those who review books. I have been struggling recently, wondering if I ought to hang it up for a bit (not seriously, but you know, we all wonder that sometimes). Maybe I don’t have enough to write about. Maybe what I write is too trite for anybody to care about. My friend McKenna of To Write Well calls these thoughts “negative scripts”, and she’s right. They get under your skin, and you just have to find your own way to deal with them. This review from Romance Book Scene gave me the desire to do that. I’ve been fortunate not to have anyone give me an awful review yet, but I hope when I do get one (and I most likely will if people keep reading my books), I will have enough philosophy to realize that if they reviewed it, they had to read it. And if they read it, I did my job. So thank you to reviewers. You give us the motivation to write.

Door Prize Winners!

Door Prize Winners for my WINTER SOLSTICE Book Release Party are Jenn, Bunny, Aimee, Amy, Richard and Candice. Thanks to all who entered. You should receive your e-gift certificates by tomorrow evening. If you have a preference of which e-book retailer you’d prefer (Lyrical, Amazon or Barnes & Noble), email me at and I’ll make sure you get that one!


I’ll be back later to announce the winners of my WINTER SOLSTICE door prizes, but what good is a book release party without a bit of the book? Here are a few of my favorite paragraphs from WINTER SOLSTICE:

John crossed the room and turned her to face him, touched her sweaty forehead gently, then reached back and released her hair from its knot. Perhaps his only intention was to help her relax, but as her hair fell around her shoulders, Becky realized with a jolt of self-consciousness that she enjoyed the intimacy of the gesture.

When she looked at him, he moved a little closer, his hand lingering at the nape of her neck.He drew his fingers through her hair, letting it slide through them, and she closed her eyes in pure sensuality, forgetting every tragedy she had witnessed in a simple desire to live in the moment.

Neither spoke as he bent his head to cover her mouth with his. She lost herself in his touch, aware of his arms around her, his lips first on hers, then on her neck. She slid her hands up his biceps, caressing as she did so, wanting to encourage his response. He smelled good–clean and male in a way she had never experienced. In some detached part of her brain, she thought maybe
it was the hospital soap.

She clung to him, thankful for the strength of his body as her own betrayed her weakness. Not until his hands slid beneath her scrub top did she come to her senses.

Third Review, Still Lots of Time to Register for Door Prizes!

Okay, finished my third review. You can read it here: The Other Life by Ellen Meister. I’m actually a little ashamed of myself for not posting a review on this one before now. I read it way back in February, right after it was released, but it took me some time to get around to recommending it.

I’ve still only got a handful of entries in my door prize giveaway. Love to hear from more of you, so leave me a comment if you want to register for my giveaway. 🙂

Six Entries, Two Reviews

Back again with another review done. Check it out: Sexiest Man Alive by Diana Holquist. Please note that my reviews tend to be pretty general. Trust me, other readers and even the authors of the books you review don’t expect NYT Book Review style reviews on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. They just want to know if you liked it!

Up to six entries in my door prize giveaway. Amy Eye got three entries because she reviews books, congratulated me on my new book AND she bought the book so she could tell me what the first syllable was! Although I hadn’t intended to require a purchase to enter for a door prize, I was so pleased that she went the extra mile, I gave her an extra entry. I plan to give away at least six e-gift cards this evening, so keep the entries coming!