Four Hearts for Winter Solstice!!!! (and a little more debate about sex scenes)

Just discovered another review for WINTER SOLSTICE on The Romance Studio. The reviewer gives WINTER SOLSTICE four hearts and said she would read more by me! Those are always welcome words, so thank you to The Romance Studio for the encouragement. Here’s a short excerpt and a link to the review:

“I thoroughly enjoyed this love story. The author has created two people with very realistic problems that they must get through before truly getting together. … The love scenes were exquisite and beautifully done.” — The Romance Studio

I especially love that last line. As you know if you’ve read my blog much, I’m sort of shy about the love/sex scenes in my book. I debated about even putting them in. Some romance writers don’t. I have to admit, however, that when I read those romances, I tend to feel sort of cheated. Either the couple goes into the bedroom and closes the door on the reader, or they never actually get around to it at all.

I’ve chosen a different approach for my sex scenes, and it’s good to know it’s working, at least for one reviewer. I don’t do obligatory sex. That’s not in my personality, anyway, so I doubt I could write well about it. Sex is important to my characters. In SECRETS OF THE LOTUS (spoiler), Dan and Josie don’t get around to having sex until about three-quarters of the way through, since I used a pretty traditional formula for this book. In WINTER SOLSTICE, however, the reader doesn’t have to wait that long. Becky and John actually have sex pretty early on, but that very fact shaped the entire plot and future of their romance.

My only goal for my sex scenes is that they must somehow affect the plot and somehow develop the characters more fully. Is it possible to write a good romance without a good sex scene? Probably. Any other opinions on this?

2 thoughts on “Four Hearts for Winter Solstice!!!! (and a little more debate about sex scenes)

  1. Totally with you. A sex scene purely for the point of having one is forced. One that flows naturally with the characters goes to their personality and their development. 🙂 I’m quite like you … it has to be a factor … in some way … in the story. 🙂

  2. Congrats on the great review! And I agree. Sex in a romance novel should be about character development, a revelation, or designed to move the plot forward. The best sex scenes are the ones the reader can’t skip because they’ll miss a “reveal.”

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