The Day After The Romance Girls Went Goblin…

So the candy’s been collected and is now on the top of my fridge. The costumes have been relegated to the dress-up trunk and the kids are at school, hopefully learning something after staying up too late last night. And I’m taking a breathing moment.

I am so very grateful for everyone who entered my Halloween drawing. It was a wonderful experience getting messages from Greece, Australia and all over the U.S. I mean, how much cooler than to be able to say I had international visitors on my blog. I hope some of you will come back, maybe even take a leap of faith and read my books. And don’t forget that in December I have a lot of surprises planned, including another (and even better) giveaway!

And yet, when I pulled the name out of the hat, I couldn’t have been happier at the name of the person on it. Of all the people who have supported my writing career, this lady has been one of the most faithful. She not only subscribes to my blog, she actually reads it, and she’s even mentioned me on her own blog once or twice. She even reads my books. Heck, her DAD even read one of my books!

And so, drumroll please…Jennifer Reno, you are the winner of my Romance Girls Gone Goblin Halloween Giveaway! Congratulations, my friend!

Romance Girls Gone Goblin Halloween Blog Hop Begins! Prizes Galore!

And so it begins.

The Romance Girls Gone Goblin Blog Hop kicked off first thing this morning and I, of course, was unprepared. I have two kids class parties to attend today, plus my favorite art gallery is having a party tonight, so I had to get dinner into the crockpot. But now I’m here, and I have a grand thirty minutes set aside to update my blog.

I wracked my brains to figure out what to write about for Halloween, and I kept coming back to my work-in-progress. It’s half ghost story, half romance, and I’m working hard to get the creepy edge just right. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything close to horror, but I’m rediscovering my love of the genre. Anyway, in honor of Halloween and Romance Girls Gone Goblin, I thought I’d give you just a taste of one of my chilling scenes before getting to the good stuff (my giveaway).


A whisper, somewhere just outside the range of hearing. Was it a memory or something more?


The light breeze from the heavy night breathed over her skin, heating instead of cooling the drops of sweat. She welcomed its touch, tilting her head back and lifting her mass of auburn hair.

Yes…come to me…

How she’d made it outside, she didn’t know. Pain pricked the skin of her legs. She’d stumbled through something, scraping them in the process. Sharp sticks? Barbed wire? She couldn’t tell, but the blood running down her calves felt hotter than it should, almost fevered.

But he was there. Wherever she was, he was there. More than a large, dark shadow now, she could feel him hard against her as he pulled her into massive arms, lowering his lips to hers. He tasted salty, as if his skin was covered with seawater, and she recoiled.


Now that I’ve whet your appetite for all things spooky romance, here’s my offering:

Included in this giveaway are a tote bag with the cover of WINTER SOLSTICE on one side and SECRETS OF THE LOTUS on the other, a paperback copy of Hyprink’s The Best of All Sins: Stories of Love & Heartbreak featuring my award-winning story LIFE AFTER, a $25 iBooks gift card and some swag, including the beautiful postcard my friend Shannon LuQuire of Trade Ideas, Inc. put together for me with blurbs of my two published books and a sneak peek at my as-yet-unpublished book THE SIXTH FOLD. Sorry, the pumpkin is not included as it belongs to my daughter!

Two steps to win!
1. Follow my blog. (Humor me. I know you won’t always read all my posts, but every now and then I do come up with some cool stuff, and I’ve got some great stuff planned for December, including another giveaway!) If you already follow my blog, you can skip this step.
2. Leave a comment on THIS post with your name and email address. I’ll throw your name into the hat.

Winner will be announced the morning of November 1. For a full list of participating blogs in this blog hop, check out Lisa Sanchez’s blog here: Lisa Sanchez. Lots of other giveaways out there! Good luck!

NOTE: I’ve added an Email Subscription button to the top left column (just above the HONEOWP updates). This should make it easier for you guys to subscribe and become eligible for the giveaway!

Announcing: Romance Girls Gone Goblin Halloween Blog Hop!

Good morning, boys and girls. How is your October going? I’ve had a pretty active one, myself. A couple weeks ago I went to Las Vegas for the first time ever. I have to say, Las Vegas is way different from anyplace I’ve ever been. I’m not what you’d call a world traveler, but I have spent some time in different cities, including New York, St. Louis, Baltimore, San Francisco and even an unforgettable month in Bristol, U.K., followed by a week in London. None of these cities ever made me feel like a provincial, small time North Carolina girl.

Las Vegas did that. Yep. I came to the quick realization that I could never really belong in Las Vegas, nor could I pretend to. I enjoyed my time there, but it was as an observer instead of a participant. The closest I came to participating was putting five dollars in a slot machine, watching it grow into a hundred dollars, then shrink back into nothingness. But even though I walked among the other participants of Las Vegas for several days, I never really felt like I belonged there. I felt like everybody who looked at me knew that, too, but it didn’t really matter. In Las Vegas, the only people actually looking at other people are observers like me.

But now I’ve recovered and it’s time to move on. For me, that means getting back on the blog thing! This year, Halloween means even more to me as I’ll be participating in Romance Girls Gone Goblin Halloween Blog Hop! Hosted by fabulous romance author Lisa Sanchez, the hop starts on October 28 and continues until Halloween, so check back here for giveaways and links to other romance authors also eager to give you stuff! For more information about the blog hop, click on the cool image to the right, and I’ll see you back here on October 28!