New Giveaway Begins! Plus: Five Romantic Gifts for Your Spouse (and some of them are surprisingly practical!)

Black Friday is done and now we have cyber Monday coming up. Tis the season. By the way, if you actually went out into the maelstrom of Black Friday, let me know. I’d love to hear about it. It occurred to me that many of you, however, might not have any good ideas for that special someone in your life. It’s tough being romantic, isn’t it? Jewelry, flowers, etc. get tiresome. Anyway, here are a few gifts I’ve either given to or received from my wonderful husband over the years that at first sight might not seem romantic but really are:

5. K-cup Coffeemaker. Yep. This one may have saved our marriage. Seriously. He likes lighter tasting coffee. I like really bold, dark coffee that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. The joy of compromise with a plug!

4. Personal Grocery Shopping! This may actually be one of my favorite “gifts” ever. For a fee, I go online, place my order for groceries from my favorite grocery store and my personal shopper does all the work. Then I swing by with my carload of kids and pick them up. In some cases, you can prepay the fee for your significant other so she/he won’t feel weird about using the service.

3. Piano/Dance/Horseback riding lessons. What has your partner always dreamed of doing but never had the chance? The important thing here is not to just give him or her the certificate for lessons. Make sure you give them the time to do it, too! And if it’s piano or something else that makes noise, prepare yourself for some hours of not so great musical entertainment.

2. Gift certificates. What? Did I just say that? You’d be surprised how romantic this one can be, though. You see, I love almost everything in the Sundance Catalog that I get every month. Jewelry, clothes, boots, etc. If I were skinny enough to be one of their models, I would be a happy woman. My husband knows how I feel about Sundance, and he could easily just pick something from the catalog. However, he also knows that often something in particular will catch my eye and since (as he has often told me), he is not a mind reader, a gift certificate for my favorite non-essential catalog is often a better choice.

1. E-Reader. Yup. You got it. You knew this one was coming. But did you know THIS was?


In honor of the gift-giving season and my recent good news about Carina Press and the release of my second book WINTER SOLSTICE, I’m giving away an e-reader. How do you enter the giveaway? Leave me a comment telling me what kind of e-reader you’d like me to give away. I wish I could tell you I would give away a Kindle Fire or an iPad, but for the purposes of this giveaway, I’m limiting it to e-readers that cost $100 or less. You can get some pretty good e-readers for $100. The Nook and the Kobo start at $99, the Kindle at $79.

You have until December 21 at midnight to throw your name into the hat. I’ll make the announcement on December 22. In case any of you don’t know the significance of the date, it’s the winter solstice!

14 thoughts on “New Giveaway Begins! Plus: Five Romantic Gifts for Your Spouse (and some of them are surprisingly practical!)

  1. Thanks for the giveaway! You are very generous! I’d be ecstatic to win any ereader! I think the Kindle would probably be best though, because I love Amazon!

  2. I love Amazon and I would definately go with a Kindle 🙂 Most e-readers will amp up people! And I have definately been looking at one for myself!!! lol..I was born on the summer solstice so maybe my oppposite end date will be good luck 🙂

  3. You know I had to give my 2 cents here. Nook!!! I love my nook and can think of plenty of people who would love to have their own.

  4. Hi Michelle,
    What a great, imaginative way to celebrate the release of Winter Solstice! I’d love to have a kindle because I’d give it to my mom along with a copy of WS in your honor. Kindles are in Target and Staples now, which is smart of Amazon, because who wants to buy something you can’t try out, right? Wishing you huge congratulations on Winter Solstice! Happy holidays, everyone!

  5. Hi Michelle, I would defiantly love a kindle for my son who is a very avid reader. We often have to take books away at bedtime, which kills me. With a Kindle from Amazon it is so easy to have one account for the family. You can buy one book and download it to six kindles on your account. Great for refrence books kid friendly Bibles. Wishing you and your family the Merriest Christmas ever!

  6. I don’t know much about either but my sister said a Nook above and she wouldn’t steer me wrong. A Nook!

  7. Hi Michelle, I agree with Tracy, a kindle is wonderful for an avid reader. Our son, Jackson, is also an avid reader (as am I when I have time!). My Mom has a Kindle (Christmas present from last year) and loves it.
    Merry Christmas!

  8. Hi , thanks for the giveaway. I would love any reader, just as long it can read pdf files, i big screen enough to read from.

    Please give me a free ereader, i will use it daily for learning as i am constantly reading new books, novels, technological books and so on.
    Would be very grateful to get a free ereader or a tablet.

    Thanks again,
    May the gift season begin.

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