WINTER SOLSTICE earns Five Hearts!!!!

Second review for WINTER SOLSTICE just came out on Romance Book Scene. They gave it five hearts! I’m thrilled. My thanks go out to the very intelligent reviewers over at Romance Book Scene. 🙂 You can read the entire review here: WINTER SOLSTICE GETS FIVE HEARTS. Or here’s a little tidbit: “Well written contemporary story for those who like drama type love stories.”

Just a note to those who review books. I have been struggling recently, wondering if I ought to hang it up for a bit (not seriously, but you know, we all wonder that sometimes). Maybe I don’t have enough to write about. Maybe what I write is too trite for anybody to care about. My friend McKenna of To Write Well calls these thoughts “negative scripts”, and she’s right. They get under your skin, and you just have to find your own way to deal with them. This review from Romance Book Scene gave me the desire to do that. I’ve been fortunate not to have anyone give me an awful review yet, but I hope when I do get one (and I most likely will if people keep reading my books), I will have enough philosophy to realize that if they reviewed it, they had to read it. And if they read it, I did my job. So thank you to reviewers. You give us the motivation to write.