Another excerpt: Time Being just five days away!

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Fur Babies and Heartbreak

For those who don’t know, it’s been a rough couple weeks in my household while dealing with pets. My cat, who has been sick for roughly a month, tested positive for feline leukemia last week, even though she was negative as a kitten and is completely indoors. Well, she’s been on antibiotics and steroids and things are looking up for her, thankfully. However, we were dealt a horrible blow two days ago when my sweet, valiant little Freddy, who was spending time in the backyard with our other dog, was bitten by a copperhead. He died about three hours later. I have this horrible, haunting, heartbreaking feeling that I somehow, unwittingly, traded the life of one beloved pet for another. I’m grateful for my cat’s recovery, but I miss my dog. So I wrote this for both of them.

For Freddy

By Michelle Garren Flye


The beauty that remains

Can’t take your place

Though she may try.

She can’t fill the dark shadow

Left by your absence.

She may comfort and help,

She may make me smile,

And her purrs may even delight.

I’m glad my beauty remains,

But my heart will always miss

The spot you once filled.


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Time Being Excerpt


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A Poem and Some Words of Wisdom

Yesterday my daughter (finally) celebrated her tenth birthday with some friends and we took them all to see “Wonder Woman”. In such a strange place, I heard some eternal words of wisdom.

“Everyone is fighting their own battles.” –Wonder Woman

Yes, I thought, not even knowing then what I know now. That is very true.


If You Leave

By Michelle Garren Flye


If you leave, does the movie end?

Or do we hit pause and sit in the dark,

Waiting to hear your step?

If you stop reading, does the book end?

Is the story never fully told

Because the bookmark never moves?

If a life is abandoned too early,

What to do with questions left unanswered,

Dreams and promises left unfilled?

If you leave, do we wait in silent agony?

No, though our tears fall quietly—we turn

The page and march toward story’s end.


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Time Being: The countdown begins!

What with sick cats and cars and failing computers and historic Senate appearances, I’ve nearly forgotten what’s really important (well…). Time Being emerges from its chrysalis on June 21! Book two of my Synchronicity series follows the adventures of Meti Queen Kaelyn and her Elf King Jack. And they’re joined by one of my favorite characters ever, Hunter Drake. He’s Kaelyn’s uncle. He’s an Elf sorcerer. He’s magical, mysterious and nobody’s sure what his motives are.

Are you intrigued yet?

Time Being Promo 2

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My latest poem: “Twisting Hate” (for 45)

Twisting Hate
By Michelle Garren Flye

Twisting words to kick the wounded.

Twisting hate to bind us all.

Twisting rope into a noose.

Without love or truth, you maul.

We’re twisting in the wind,

Left to hang without liberty.

Twisting, hanging, longing…

For the return of sanity.

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Poem: Don’t You See?: The Non-Power of “I Told You So”

Don’t You See?

By Michelle Garren Flye


Don’t you see no one wants to say,

“I told you it would happen this way.

I told you the rivers would run dry,

I told you the seas would rise,

I told you the wars would increase

And the world would see US as a beast.”

Don’t you understand we don’t want to fail,

But we see it coming as alarms begin to wail?

No wants to say, “I told you this would happen.”

So tell me…how else can we convince you to listen?


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