Having Fun With Magic…Wanna Join Me? Contest!

Dedication page of Close Up Magic

Dedication page of Close Up Magic

As I mentioned earlier, for the next couple of months, I’ll be tweeting magic, blogging magic, posting on Facebook about magic and generally having lots of fun. And I want you to join in the fun.

I’ve decided to give away a Kindle Paperwhite on June 1 to celebrate the publication of Close Up Magic. To sweeten the deal, I’ll also gift you my books Weeds and Flowers and Ducks in a Row, both of which have very good reviews on Amazon. If you’d like to enter, here’s how to do it:

1. Leave me a comment here or on one of my other magic-related posts.
2. Like Close Up Magic on Facebook. (If you’ve already done this, you’re automatically entered.)
3. Tweet about Close Up Magic and tag me @michellegflye.
4. Join me on one of my guest posts between now and June 1 (I have four lined up and I’ll announce them later on).
5. Post on Facebook about Close Up Magic and tag me.
6. Mention Close Up Magic on your blog and email me a link at michellegflye at gmail dot com.

You can enter as many times as you like. The point is, I love talking to people, and this should be a great conversation starter!

I’ve already been hard at work promoting Close Up Magic, although my silence over here might seem to indicate otherwise. You see, while researching Close Up Magic, I accumulated a lot of unusable but fascinating data. And I’ve decided to put it to work. Everyday I post a little tidbit of the history of magic over on the Facebook fan page I made for Close Up Magic. For instance, just this morning, I posted about the first magician to perform the Sawing a Woman in Half illusion. Don’t know? Head on over and find out: Close Up Magic Fan Page. And tell your friends!

You see, writing Close Up Magic was so much fun, I figure promoting it should be too. It’s all bringing back to me that original childhood excitement I felt when I saw my first magician at the age of five and he made me fly on a magic carpet. I had a string of magic sets as a child. Each time I got one, I was certain I could become the most famous woman magician of all time (more about women’s place in magic on my Facebook page this week). Of course, that never materialized. I always turned to a book to read or a story to write, but, hey, it was fun while it lasted, right? And maybe this is my contribution to the world of magic.

Kindle Giveaway: Winners!

NOTE: Going to post this half an hour early because I have somewhere to be and I don’t want to delay. Winners have been notified and I’m too excited to wait any longer!

The moment has come! I have the winners of my two Kindles, and I’m so happy to be able to announce them. First of all, thank you to everyone who participated. It’s been so much fun chatting with you on here, and I hope you’ll check back periodically next year as I continue to donate my royalties every month. I’d love to hear from you if you have suggestions of charities to donate to. Also, don’t forget I’ll be celebrating the release of my second novel WINTER SOLSTICE in 2011 with another giveaway, possibly of a NOOK this time. And finally, with no further ado:

Kindle #1 Drawing: Winner is Misty!

Kindle #2 Drawing: Winner is Richard!

Thanks again to friends, family, fans, followers and those who just stopped by. You’re all terrific and I hope you have an equally terrific Christmas!

Day 27/28/29 of My Kindle Giveaway: Just a couple of days left!

Hi everybody, just a quick note to remind you there’s still a couple of days to register for the Kindles. I’ll accept entries until noon on December 22, which is a wildly appropriate day for me to have something big going on if you think about it being the day after the winter solstice. (You know, what with my new book being titled WINTER SOLSTICE and all…) I’ll announce the winners (pulled from a hat by my beautiful 3-year-old baby girl) at 6 p.m. EST on December 22, so make sure you check back then!

Not much going on in my writing life. Lots of wrapping, lots of shopping, lots of mailing. And yoga. I had a class this morning and feel great! I wish you all light, love and breathing moments this holiday season.

Day 26 of the Kindle Giveaway: HONEOWP 2011

Hi guys. Not much left to say about those Kindles. They’re up for grabs until the 22nd, so if you haven’t entered, please do! Check my former blog entries for details.

I’m going to talk instead about my royalty donation effort. I’m really enjoying this. You see, although it would be great to be a best-selling novelist, I didn’t really get into the writing thing to make money. Most writers don’t, as a matter of fact. Not to say that making money off our writing wouldn’t be great. It would and we all aspire to that, but mostly because if we’re making money, we’re professionals and that means people recognize we have something to say. The more money we make, the more people there are listening to us.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to start a new movement. Beginning in January 2011, I am dedicating a year’s worth of my royalties to charity, a different one each month. Every month I will donate a minimum of $25 to a charity of my choosing, although I will accept suggestions from my blog readers. If my royalties go above $25, I will donate that amount. I’m inviting all of you to join me in this effort. If you’re a published writer, consider donating your royalties (from one month or twelve!) to a charity. If not, blog about this effort or post about it on Facebook. If you are willing to blog about the effort, let me know and I’ll list your website in a special section of my blog titled “HONEOWP” (Helpful Outstanding Novelists, Editors and Others in the Writing Profession), and I’d appreciate it if you’d do the same. I’d like to end up with a network of writers, editors and bloggers who all refer their readers to each others’ sites.

Email me at michellegflye@gmail.com if you are interested in participating.

Day 24/25 of My Kindle Giveaway: I’m loving my Nook!

We are so close to giving away those Kindles! I can’t wait. Be sure to check back at 6 p.m. on December 22. I’ll take entries right up until noon that day. And keep buying SECRETS OF THE LOTUS! I’ll give a minimum of $25 to the National Wildlife Federation, but if my royalties go above and beyond that, all the better.

Now I’ll just let you know how very much I love my new Nook. I’ve been playing around with it for the past couple of days and the only differences I can see between it and the iPad are:
1. Nook is smaller. (The reason I wanted it!)
2. Nook’s speakers are not as good as iPad’s. (It does have an earphone jack!)
3. No word processing capability on the Nook. Documents are read-only. (But then, that’s why I have a notebook computer, right?)
4. I haven’t figured out how to put movies and music on the Nook yet, although I know it is possible. Not quite as easy as synching my computer and my iPad was, though. (At least, not yet.)

But the books are awesome! I’ve blogged before about my love for Sherlock Holmes, right? Well, I downloaded a complete illustrated Sherlock Holmes volume for $1.99! I had most of these on the iPad for free from Project Gutenberg, which is still one of the most worthwhile projects I’ve ever encountered on the Internet. I haven’t found any Gutenberg books in the Barnes & Noble online bookstore yet, but I won’t give up hope. In addition to the Sherlock Holmes volume, I’ve downloaded Kevin Wallis’s BENEATH THE SURFACE OF THINGS and Nicholas Sparks’s SAFE HAVEN. I’m looking forward to delving into both of them.

I’ll finish up this post by pointing out my new feature section (upper right below the picture of my creek). It currently highlights the project I’m planning for January. As soon as I get the schedule set, I’ll post that there, but let me just say I’m really, REALLY excited about it. I hope some of you who came here because of the Kindle giveaway will return to check out January’s big events.

Breathe in, breathe out!

Day 21/22/23 of the Kindle Giveaway

Hey everybody. Just getting over strep, so haven’t gotten a lot accomplished recently. About a week left to register for one of my kindles, though. See this post if you want to register: Two Chances to Win.

And you have until the end of the month to purchase my book and make a contribution to the National Wildlife Federation. All royalties from December will be contributed to the NWF.

I’m getting really excited about my new Nook Color. It should arrive any day now. To make it even better, I walked into our local Books-A-Million yesterday and found them for sale there. So I got to hold one firsthand, and it was cool. Like an iPad only smaller. It won’t do as much as an iPad, but that’s okay since I really only want an ereader with a backlight. That is my only complaint about the Kindle. I know the electronic ink thing is easier on the eyes, but you can’t read it in the dark. And you’re not always somewhere with a bedside lamp when you want to read, either.

I’m getting excited about my new blog series on names that I’m planning in January. I’m hoping to do a series of four with guest bloggers. I hope you’ll all come back to check it out!

Day 18/19/20 of the Kindle Giveaway: eReader News

Hi folks! Sorry I haven’t posted an update in a few days, but strep throat is currently making the rounds in my family and we’ve all been a little under the unusually seasonable weather that’s got a grip on Eastern North Carolina. I’m still really looking forward to giving away those two Kindles in eleven days, though, so make sure you check back here on December 22 to find out if you won!

Continuing with the ereader note, although I’m an Apple girl to the core (ha!), I’m giving my iPad to my husband so I can buy a Nook Color. I think Barnes & Noble really has something with this smaller, backlit, color ereader, so that’s my Christmas present this year!

Another interesting ereader bit of trivia. Did you know the sale of romances is on the rise? Evidently we all want to look academic and have people think we’re reading Hemingway and Melville when in reality all we want is a dose of romantic fantasy in our lives. Evidently ereaders make it easier to be circumspect. That’s good news for me, as the author of (soon-to-be) two romance ebooks!

Don’t forget, if you buy SECRETS OF THE LOTUS during the month of December, you’ll be making a contribution to the National Wildlife Federation since all my royalties will be donated there.

You can buy SECRETS at many fantastic ebook sellers, including:

Lyrical Press
Barnes & Noble
All Romance eBooks
Books on Board

Day 16/17 of the Kindle Giveaway!

Getting closer to December 22 when I’ll give away those two Kindles! If you haven’t registered, here’s how to do it.

Kindle #1: Register by leaving me a comment on my blog or sending me an email at michellegflye@gmail.com.
Kindle #2: Post about my Kindle giveaway on your blog or Facebook page, then email me at michellegflye@gmail.com.

You can register for either one or both of the Kindles. Chances for Kindle #2 remain better than those for Kindle #1, however!

Nothing else to report except that I’m enjoying a little downtime writing-wise. I’m editing my first draft of ALWAYS FAITHFUL, trying to get it in some sort of shape to send to my first reader(s). I’m not totally happy with it yet, and it’s been one of those days when I wonder if I ever will be! At least WINTER SOLSTICE is back in the hands of my editor.

Working on plans for a series on Names to come in January. I’m hoping to get some of my favorite authors to stop by and give their opinions on this subject.

Oh, and thanks again to my readers who helped me make a donation to the National Wildlife Federation with my November royalties. If you missed out on this last month, I’m doing it again with December’s royalties, so buy my book from your favorite ebook retailer!

Day 14/15 of the Kindle Giveaway

Hey y’all. Busy weekend here getting ready for Christmas. Thought you’d like to see the Kindles I’ve promised, though:

I’ve taken the picture with a selection of SECRETS OF THE LOTUS goodies that I plan to include and the hats with the current entries. Remember, if you want to register for Kindle #1, leave a comment on this blog or email me at michellegflye@gmail.com. If you’d like to register for Kindle #2 (on the right), you have to blog or post about my giveaway on your Facebook page, then email me and let me know what you did. Chances are much better for Kindle #2 right now!

(Side note: Have you seen the new Nooks? Check it out here: Barnes & Noble Nook. I’m considering a Nook giveaway when my new book WINTER SOLSTICE is published by Lyrical Press, Inc. in 2011!)

Also, don’t forget I’m donating all royalties from December sales of SECRETS OF THE LOTUS to the National Wildlife Federation. If you’ve been considering buying my book, you can help me give a Christmas gift to the animals by purchasing SECRETS OF THE LOTUS from your favorite ebook retailer, including:

Lyrical Press
Barnes & Noble
All Romance eBooks
Books on Board

A final request to the good people who have already read my book. Please consider reviewing it on one or more of the sites listed above. You never know who might decide to read it if you do!

Hope you’re all having a great holiday season and taking lots of breathing moments to appreciate your family, friends and loved ones.

Day 13 of the Kindle Giveaway: November royalties are in!

As most of you know, I made a commitment to donate my November and December royalties to the National Wildlife Federation. I got my royalty statement today and am happy to say I saw a bit of a spike in my sales during November. However, it doesn’t take much to put a spike in my sales, so I actually only ended up with royalties of a little over $7 (I sold seven copies). I’m going to round this up to the nearest $25, so I’ll be donating $25 to the National Wildlife Federation this month. Thanks to everyone who bought a copy of SECRETS OF THE LOTUS. I truly hope you enjoy it.

That said, I’d like to remind you that I’m also donating my royalties from December to the NWF. All you have to do to help the animals is buy a copy of SECRETS, available from your favorite ebook retailer. Also, don’t forget to enter to win one of my Kindles! I’ll be giving them away on December 22. If you’d like to register for Kindle #1, leave me a comment here on my blog or email me at michellegflye@gmail.com. If you’d like to register for Kindle #2, you have to blog or post something on your Facebook page about my giveaway with a link back to my blog: michellegflye.wordpress.com. Once you do it, shoot me an email or leave me a comment letting me know you did it so I can enter your name into my hat.

And if you read SECRETS, drop me a line and let me know what you thought! I’d love to hear from you and I take compliments very well.

By the way, I finished the first round of edits on WINTER SOLSTICE, so I’m getting closer to another published book. Yay!