Day 16/17 of the Kindle Giveaway!

Getting closer to December 22 when I’ll give away those two Kindles! If you haven’t registered, here’s how to do it.

Kindle #1: Register by leaving me a comment on my blog or sending me an email at
Kindle #2: Post about my Kindle giveaway on your blog or Facebook page, then email me at

You can register for either one or both of the Kindles. Chances for Kindle #2 remain better than those for Kindle #1, however!

Nothing else to report except that I’m enjoying a little downtime writing-wise. I’m editing my first draft of ALWAYS FAITHFUL, trying to get it in some sort of shape to send to my first reader(s). I’m not totally happy with it yet, and it’s been one of those days when I wonder if I ever will be! At least WINTER SOLSTICE is back in the hands of my editor.

Working on plans for a series on Names to come in January. I’m hoping to get some of my favorite authors to stop by and give their opinions on this subject.

Oh, and thanks again to my readers who helped me make a donation to the National Wildlife Federation with my November royalties. If you missed out on this last month, I’m doing it again with December’s royalties, so buy my book from your favorite ebook retailer!

4 thoughts on “Day 16/17 of the Kindle Giveaway!

  1. What’s the series on Names? Naming characters in your work or another topic? Sounds interesting!

  2. Hi Michelle. I will post your information about your the give aways on my website. That is exciting! You are doing great work!

    • Thanks, Mary Kathryn! It has been so much fun chatting with people on here, I feel like I’m the one getting the most out of it. 🙂 Thanks for checking out my blog, too!

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