Day 14/15 of the Kindle Giveaway

Hey y’all. Busy weekend here getting ready for Christmas. Thought you’d like to see the Kindles I’ve promised, though:

I’ve taken the picture with a selection of SECRETS OF THE LOTUS goodies that I plan to include and the hats with the current entries. Remember, if you want to register for Kindle #1, leave a comment on this blog or email me at If you’d like to register for Kindle #2 (on the right), you have to blog or post about my giveaway on your Facebook page, then email me and let me know what you did. Chances are much better for Kindle #2 right now!

(Side note: Have you seen the new Nooks? Check it out here: Barnes & Noble Nook. I’m considering a Nook giveaway when my new book WINTER SOLSTICE is published by Lyrical Press, Inc. in 2011!)

Also, don’t forget I’m donating all royalties from December sales of SECRETS OF THE LOTUS to the National Wildlife Federation. If you’ve been considering buying my book, you can help me give a Christmas gift to the animals by purchasing SECRETS OF THE LOTUS from your favorite ebook retailer, including:

Lyrical Press
Barnes & Noble
All Romance eBooks
Books on Board

A final request to the good people who have already read my book. Please consider reviewing it on one or more of the sites listed above. You never know who might decide to read it if you do!

Hope you’re all having a great holiday season and taking lots of breathing moments to appreciate your family, friends and loved ones.

4 thoughts on “Day 14/15 of the Kindle Giveaway

  1. Hope to win this. Its at the top of my Xmas list. Your book sounds wonderful by the way.
    And I love what you are doing with your royalties. You seem like such a great person.
    take care.

  2. You’re so generous with your royalties Michelle. I truly think that it’s a wonderful thing to do and to spread the love. You seem like such a nice person.

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