Day 21/22/23 of the Kindle Giveaway

Hey everybody. Just getting over strep, so haven’t gotten a lot accomplished recently. About a week left to register for one of my kindles, though. See this post if you want to register: Two Chances to Win.

And you have until the end of the month to purchase my book and make a contribution to the National Wildlife Federation. All royalties from December will be contributed to the NWF.

I’m getting really excited about my new Nook Color. It should arrive any day now. To make it even better, I walked into our local Books-A-Million yesterday and found them for sale there. So I got to hold one firsthand, and it was cool. Like an iPad only smaller. It won’t do as much as an iPad, but that’s okay since I really only want an ereader with a backlight. That is my only complaint about the Kindle. I know the electronic ink thing is easier on the eyes, but you can’t read it in the dark. And you’re not always somewhere with a bedside lamp when you want to read, either.

I’m getting excited about my new blog series on names that I’m planning in January. I’m hoping to do a series of four with guest bloggers. I hope you’ll all come back to check it out!