A Haiku for an Anniversary

I haven’t shared anything here in a while because I’m working hard on 100 Warm Days of Haiku. And my daughter thinks I share too much of my books before they’re published. She’s not wrong. It’s a delicate balance sharing enough to intrigue you but not enough to make it not worth your while to buy the book when it comes out. However, today is my 26th wedding anniversary and I just drew a very romantic haiku. 🙂 So I thought I’d share it. Here, for your reading and viewing pleasure, is Haiku 52, which will be in my upcoming poetry book, !00 Warm Days of Haiku.

Poem and Illustration by Michelle Garren Flye. Copyright 2021.

2 thoughts on “A Haiku for an Anniversary

  1. Thanks for lettinng us know about the new book. I,m looking foreard to it. It’is past supper time according the message coming from my stomach.betteer drag ny husband away from the computer and get some supper, So glad we’ll have something new from you Celia

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