Day 10 of the Kindle Giveaway: Two Chances to Win!

Hey guys. Just a quick update today because I don’t have much to say. November’s over and I should be able to tell you in a few days how much I’ll be donating to the National Wildlife Federation for last month. There’s still time to help me donate more for December, though. Just buy my ebook SECRETS OF THE LOTUS from your favorite ebook retailer (Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Lyrical Press, etc.) and all my royalties from December will be donated to the National Wildlife Federation.

As for the Kindles, I’m getting lots of entries! Remember, to enter for the first Kindle, all you have to do is leave me a comment on my blog or email me at To enter for the second Kindle, post about my giveaway on your blog or Facebook page and let me know you did it. Please include a link to my blog so your friends can enter, too! I’ll announce the winners here on December 22!

Good luck everybody and don’t forget to breathe this holiday season!

8 thoughts on “Day 10 of the Kindle Giveaway: Two Chances to Win!

  1. Well I finally got around to downloading the book. Started reading it on my laptop this evening and I can already tell a lot of things are going by the wayside in the next few days. :-p Kaitlyn told me last night I needed to find a new book as I hadn’t been reading lately. Mission accomplished. Thanks.

    • Great! I hope you do enjoy it. I think it’s pretty easy to read, so it won’t keep you busy for long, though! Then you’ll be looking for a new one–maybe for a Kindle!

  2. I love romance novels! Glad that I saw a link to this novel/giveaway on facebook!! I also posted a link for all of my friends to see! Thank you!!

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