Day 11/12 of the Kindle Giveaway: The Hats



For full details on how to get your name into one or both hats, check out this post: Day 10. As you can probably tell, although I took these pics on my Blackberry and they’re not the clearest, your chances are much better if you get in Hat 2!

4 thoughts on “Day 11/12 of the Kindle Giveaway: The Hats

  1. Loving the chances of that second hat. Hoping my name is in both. 🙂

    Finished the book in 2 days….LOVED IT Michelle!! Such a good story and hoping that we get to know more about Josie and Dan in the future. 🙂

  2. Now, Terri, you know when you get married, the romance is over, right? 😉 Just kidding. Actually, you never know. I might consider a sequel. They’re not married yet. And yes, yours is one of the half dozen or so names in the second hat, too!

    Glad you liked the book and thanks for letting me know!

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