Day 9 of the Kindle Giveaway: Let’s Make it Two!

It’s been so much fun talking to new and old friends on my blog, I’ve made a decision. I’m going to give away TWO Kindles. To qualify for the second Kindle, however, you have to do some work. I want this thing to go viral and I need your help. If you blog about my Kindle Giveaway or mention it on Facebook (with a link back to my blog) and tell me about it, I’ll enter you in a SECOND hat for a SECOND Kindle. Obviously, more people will be in the first hat than the second one, so your chances of winning the second Kindle will be much greater. Both Kindles will be given away on December 22 by a random drawing done by my three-year-old. Since many of my fans are family and friends, everyone is eligible to win but no one will be given preferential treatment. My three-year-old can’t read and the names in the hat are all written on the backs of my business cards (thus everybody’s name is on a card of the same size!). If you have already posted about my Kindle Giveaway somewhere, please let me know so I can enter you in my second hat.

Also, please let people know that all my royalties from November and December will be donated to the National Wildlife Federation. To purchase a copy of SECRETS OF THE LOTUS, you can go to any of these links, and I’m sure it’s listed with many other ebook retailers:

Lyrical Press
Barnes & Noble
Books on Board

Finally, to celebrate the last day of NaNoWriMo, I must post one more of my winning badges!

16 thoughts on “Day 9 of the Kindle Giveaway: Let’s Make it Two!

  1. Michelle–
    I’m not a blogger, so I’m out of luck on Kindle #2–sign me up for #1, though! Hope you guys have a great holiday!

  2. Can’t wait to get my new kindle or maybe two. However, I will have to call in an electronic consultant to figure out how to post this to my facebook page. Will the book come pre-installed on my kindle.

    • Well, electronic consultants can be overrated, Richard. Let me know if you get it worked out on Facebook. In the meantime, I’ll enter you in drawing number 1! Unfortunately, no I can’t pre-load the Kindle with my book. Amazon doesn’t work in a way that will allow me to do that. However, Kindles are extremely user-friendly in every other way!

  3. Hi Michelle…friend of a friend here…good luck with your new book and thank you for caring enough about wildlilfe to donate your Nov. and Dec. royalties to the National Wildlife Federation! That is awesome! I just linked to your site on my Facebook wall. Thanks for entering me in your drawings! Best of luck to you!

  4. Ooooh, I can’t wait to read your book. I will definitely post this on my wall and help you go “viral”. I secretly want a Kindle, fingers crossed.

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