Day 8 of the Great Kindle Giveaway: Getting back into shape

I’m working hard on getting my flabby writer’s muscles back in shape. It’s really easy when your entire focus is on one goal to forget about others. I realized that this month. I wrote almost every single day this past month, but I maybe exercised three times in a week. Not a good balance, really.

So now, while I work on getting WINTER SOLSTICE into shape for publication next summer (yay!), I’m also working on getting me into shape. I walked three miles yesterday and today in preparation for my January 1 5K. For those who don’t know, five kilometers is roughly 3.1 miles. I figure I’ll start out walking it and start running when the walking gets boring.

On the bright side, November paid off. Yes, I’m going to use another one of my NaNo Winner badges now:

Ah yes! That’s the stuff! Don’t forget to register to win my Kindle by leaving me a comment or emailing me at My hat is far from full, so throw your name in. Also, if you’re into romances, buy my book and I’ll donate all my royalties from November and December to The National Wildlife Federation.

Enough said. Have a great day!

1 thought on “Day 8 of the Great Kindle Giveaway: Getting back into shape

  1. Put my name in for the drawing. I think those things are great, I just dont have one yet. That would be a great Christmas present!!!!

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