Day 24: Happy National Poetry Month!

It’s the last week of National Poetry Month. I’m sorry I’m late, and I’m sorry this is a short entry and I’m sorry it’s rather a sad one. In honor of the baby birds I see broken on the sidewalk at this time of year:

Ode to a Baby Bird
By Michelle Garren-Flye

It’s that time of year when baby birds fall from the nest
and lay helpless on the ground with broken wings or neck
because they tried, Daedalus-like, to fly too close to the sun
too early and the gods laughed—and then they panicked.

Because if a baby bird learns to fly too well and too early
She may become a god, so they smite her back to the ground.

Is it better this way for the baby birds lying in balls of fluff
On the unkind ground that did not provide a soft enough landing?
They never knew love or fun or the thrill of the flight
(except for that one all-too-brief moment before the fall began).

But they also never knew the unkind world where hateful gods
refuse them the skies just because they’re jealous of pretty plumage.
Not a baby bird, but he did pose for me. Photo and poem copyright 2023 Michelle Garren-Flye.

Day 11: Happy National Poetry Month!

Once again I went to the internet to find a poetry prompt this morning. This one came from Poets & Writers and is highly appropriate for me although I did tweak it a bit. It says to write an ode to your favorite singer, placing them in a particular moment in time.

What better prompt for someone who can’t get through a day without listening to K-pop, right? I didn’t write this poem to anyone in particular, though. It’s more an ode to the genre, which is why the title is “Noraebang”, the anglicized word for the Korean word for “Karaoke”. It literally means “music (norae) room (bang)”, which is what I try to imagine my head is sometimes. An empty space that I fill with the good feelings of the music I’ve filled my life with.

Music is a funny thing. It twines itself into our memories and feelings. I reached a point in my life where a lot of the music I had enjoyed for a large portion of my life was too twisted into a part of my feelings that I needed to get away from…and then K-pop happened. A genre of music that is mostly positive and was completely new.

It helped me rebuild myself. And that’s what this little ode is meant to share.


By Michelle Garren-Flye

When I can’t sleep

I listen to you instead:

turn up the music

and you fill my head.

Push out all the doubt

that plagues my soul.

Fling off the loneliness,

allow me to be whole.

It’s only a sweet moment,

this stolen away time,

but for that space I feel

as if everything rhymes.

A photo I took at my first K-pop concert (Stray Kids) from last month.
Photo and poem copyright 2023 Michelle Garren-Flye