Abracadabra: A charm of magic for you

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all find a little magic?

I look for it constantly. I glimpse it sometimes. In the faces of my children, in ripples of water, in the sight of a cardinal sitting outside my window. Rainbows are magic. Music is magic. Sometimes I smell a sweet smell on the breeze and can’t see the blossom it came from. Magic.

Abracadabra. The troubles of the world melt away leaving wonder and admiration.

With Movie Magic’s release date rapidly approaching, I’ve designed a giveaway for my readers that I hope will help spread a charm of magic to those who want it. I took a trip on Waft to create a perfume inspired by the magic I have seen in the world and tried to incorporate into my Sleight of Hand series. The winner of my contest will receive the magical fragrance and a copy of my newest Sleight of Hand book, Movie Magic.

How do you enter? Leave a comment here on my blog about the magic you’ve experienced. These comments will be monitored for suitability (I keep my blog as close to rated PG as possible), and if they are approved, the author is considered eligible to win.

So dig deep. Tell me what magic is to you. Have you seen it? Tell me about it and let’s spread a little magic to the world!

Contest ends October 28, 2017 and winner will be announced at 10 a.m. Eastern October 31, 2017 on this blog as part of my release day festivities for Movie Magic. Entrants should check here for details on how to provide me with a shipping address in case they win. I do plan to come up with second and third place prizes, but only the grand prize winner will receive the exclusive fragrance from Waft.