Announcing: Romance Girls Gone Goblin Halloween Blog Hop!

Good morning, boys and girls. How is your October going? I’ve had a pretty active one, myself. A couple weeks ago I went to Las Vegas for the first time ever. I have to say, Las Vegas is way different from anyplace I’ve ever been. I’m not what you’d call a world traveler, but I have spent some time in different cities, including New York, St. Louis, Baltimore, San Francisco and even an unforgettable month in Bristol, U.K., followed by a week in London. None of these cities ever made me feel like a provincial, small time North Carolina girl.

Las Vegas did that. Yep. I came to the quick realization that I could never really belong in Las Vegas, nor could I pretend to. I enjoyed my time there, but it was as an observer instead of a participant. The closest I came to participating was putting five dollars in a slot machine, watching it grow into a hundred dollars, then shrink back into nothingness. But even though I walked among the other participants of Las Vegas for several days, I never really felt like I belonged there. I felt like everybody who looked at me knew that, too, but it didn’t really matter. In Las Vegas, the only people actually looking at other people are observers like me.

But now I’ve recovered and it’s time to move on. For me, that means getting back on the blog thing! This year, Halloween means even more to me as I’ll be participating in Romance Girls Gone Goblin Halloween Blog Hop! Hosted by fabulous romance author Lisa Sanchez, the hop starts on October 28 and continues until Halloween, so check back here for giveaways and links to other romance authors also eager to give you stuff! For more information about the blog hop, click on the cool image to the right, and I’ll see you back here on October 28!