Day 25: Happy National Poetry Month

I’m sick today, so I’m late and the poem isn’t great. But it does rhyme.

See you tomorrow, hopefully with something better!

The Lovers
By Michelle Garren-Flye

Maybe I’m finally growing up,
looking at love the way I do.
Knowing it’s weakness to seek
such a thing (I always knew).

Love can be brittle and hard
or it can overflow your cup
with a sweetness that’s sure
and true in the build up.

Is it possible, you’ll plead,
though your heart is scarred,
Can I have it again, this love?
Is it really in my cards?

But love is risk I’d rather not take 
it’s not really something I need
and I can easily avoid its reach.
Keep it out of my life’s creed.
Love is a risk. Photo and poem copyright 2023 Michelle Garren-Flye