Day 18: Happy National Poetry Month!!

Did you enjoy yesterday’s live poetry reading? I’m actually thinking it’s good for me to do stuff that’s not terribly comfortable for me, so I’m toying with the idea of keeping it up. I’ve tried recording myself reading poetry, but there’s something about the live aspect that makes it a little tougher. I mean, you’re basically just talking to the whoever shows up. I’ve never been a great conversationalist…

Anyway, moving on, today I have not one, but TWO poems for you. Yay! National Poetry Month has definitely shaken something loose in my brain so I can think poet-like again. Or maybe it’s spring, which definitely inspired these two poems, which started out as one poem, but I realized they’re actually companion poems.

I hope you enjoy.



By Michelle Garren-Flye


I’d like to be the light you see

when clouds part after rain—

transform leaves into glistening green glass

and reveal jewels on flower petals.

Can I be that for you?

I want to be the sunrise

at the end of the long night,

blooming over the horizon,

spilling into the fields

and onto your face with a soft shimmer.

Will you turn to me?

My desire is simple, really:

to be a glimmer of hope,

a shimmer of sunlight,

a ray in the darkness of night.

Is that what you want, too?




By Michelle Garren-Flye


I want to be the night

closely covering you,

a breath of a caress

graying out the day…

so you can leave it all behind.

You won’t be afraid of the dark

when the Dark is me, will you?

I’ll let the stars sparkle

and the moon set a path for you

so it won’t be all black,

but you’ll find comfort in me, too,

a rest the day cannot provide.

Fear has no place in me

because you will not be alone.

Cuddle up in me,

I’ll be your blanket,

silvered by starlight

and delicate dreams.


Spring is glorious! Photo and poems copyright 2023 Michelle Garren-Flye

2 thoughts on “Day 18: Happy National Poetry Month!!

  1. Oh my goodness!  This is beautiful!  As I read it I could see myself talking to my granddaughter.  I must save this one…do I have your permission?  If I share with her I will be sure to add your name.


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