Introducing John Peters, winner of the Winter Solstice E-Reader Giveaway

When my daughter drew the name “John Peters” out of the hat for my e-reader giveaway, I wondered: Could it be THAT John Peters? The one I’ve known for years on The HORROR writer John Peters a.k.a. JP2? Surely not. I mean, really, my old horror writing pals seldom show their faces on my blog now that I’ve gone over to the romance side of things. But could it be? I decided to ask. Sure enough, he responded that it really was him, and I was thrilled. Enough to question him a bit about what he’s been up to recently.

MGF: So congratulations, John. Now you can never say I never gave you anything. It’s always nice to run into one of my Horror Library pals on my website, but it doesn’t happen that often. Tell the truth…are you a closet romance fan?

JP2: The truth? Ah, well, I suppose I have to say I am. I’ve read quite a bit of Nora Roberts — yes, I know, that’s a little like claiming to be a big horror fan because you’ve read some Stephen King — but I’ve read other romance work, too, some from obscure writers, some from more well-known ones.

In truth I’m just a fan of good story-telling, smart and slick writing, and genre isn’t as big a concern for me. And I’ve found some really good writing and story telling among romance works.

MGF: You’ve written some pretty horrific stuff in the past. “The Mattress” in Horror Library Volume 1 is the one which immediately springs to my mind, of course, since I also had a story in that anthology. And of course, there’s “Patron Saint” from July 2011 Spinetinglers. What are you working on now?

JP2: I have a story called “A Mother’s Love” being published by Blood Bound Books in the Night Terrors 2 anthology (due out Dec. 29). That’s a story I really enjoyed writing. As a parent, I found that one more horrific than either “The Mattress” or “Patron Saint.” If your readers are really interested in taking a look at that one, I’ll have detailed information on how to get a copy on my Website as soon as the anthology is published.

I’ve also got a novel I’ve more or less wrapped up called “The Return.” I told my wife one day that I’ve been reading enough romance, it’s time to write one! As you can imagine, that turned out to be more of a daunting task than I realized it would be, and before I was done the work had strayed into the realm of horror, and murder mystery a bit (I was reading a lot of Robert Parker when I was writing “The Return”), but I really think there’s a little romance in it. Now, if only I can find someone willing to publish the darn thing!

MGF: Okay, so if we see you in the airport with your new Kindle Touch, should we assume you are reading a novel by:
a. Stephen King
b. Diana Gabaldon
c. Yours truly 😉
d. Seriously? None of the above!

JP2: Ah, come on….YOURS TRULY…who else? But just on the off chance I’m done reading all your work….who knows?

MGF: Any last words? (Not literally. It’s Christmas Eve and we’ve both got better stuff to do, though!)

JP2: Well, I would be a real heel if I didn’t say thanks for the Kindle, Michelle. I am really looking forward to using it, and I appreciate you running the contest and sending out the prize. It’s been good reconnecting with you.

And to you, your family, and all your readers, Merry Christmas!

Right back at you, John! And to everyone who’s helped make the Christmas season on my blog so special (my Rose is a Rose guests, those who’ve left comments and encouragement, entrants in the Winter Solstice giveaway, and anyone who’s read either of my books), thank you and Merry Christmas!