A Rose is a Rose?: Rebecca Rose

I have so much to report this morning, and I really want to get to my Rosy guest. First off, I forgot to tell you all that I had an interview up yesterday on Autumn Piper’s blog Piper Patter. It’s all about Christmas and a lot of fun. Second of all, I tracked down the winner of my e-reader, John Peters, and sure enough, he’s an old e-friend of mine. We met years ago at an online writing site called Zoetrope (which I highly recommend to any writers). Check back tomorrow for more information about John, what he writes, and what he plans to read on his new Kindle!

But for now, help me welcome my guest Rebecca Rose. (Side note: Doesn’t she have the best name for my rose garden?) Rebecca is the author of DIVINE REDEMPTION, another of Lyrical Press’s Christmas Bash offerings and available for 30 percent off right now

BREATHE: Do you feel your character names are influenced by the theme of your story? Why or why not?

REBECCA: Oh, totally! If you have a kick butt character you can’t name them Sally. LOL In Divine Redemption, my heroine is very soft spoken. She can’t help it, it’s the way her voice is. So, I searched for a name I thought would fit my character best. That’s how she became Jacqueline. 🙂

BREATHE: If you wrote in another genre, would it affect the names you picked for your characters? Why do you think this is?

REBECCA: Absolutely. I’ve always wanted to write mysteries but after a good go at it, realized I suck doing them. I believe names need to be an extension of your characters and only, when done right and mentioned in your piece why, should they not fit your hero/heroine.

BREATHE: What is your favorite character name—either your own or somebody else’s? Why do you like this name?

REBECCA: Sophia! It’s such a beautiful name and it’s very versatile. It’s strong, yet sweet.

BREATHE: Do you feel a character’s name affects the way you write him or her?

REBECCA: Yes. I’ve written whole novels and then went back and changed the names because they didn’t fit. Or, if I’ve tried to build the character’s personality around the name. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. Depends whether or not my character agrees. 🙂

BREATHE: Are there any names you absolutely will not use for a character?

REBECCA: Hhhmmm… Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any. There are so many different personalities out there to write about and names to describe them. So, I guess there’s nothing off limits.

“Hey, Donald, I need that expense report. Where are you?”

“Under the desk.” Since Donald started working for the Allens, he’d learned a valuable lesson in patience. Not touching Jacqueline was the hardest thing he’d ever done.

“You know, Donald, there’s talk that you’re the most eligible bachelor in town.”

Donald craned his head to look at her. “That’s my chair you’re sitting in.”

“Yes, but I like the view of your behind.”

He wiggled it for her and she laughed.

“Donald, what are you looking for?”

“I dropped my paperclips.”

His dry response had another giggle coming from her.

“You’re too cute.”

“I’m not trying to be cute. This job really sucks sometimes, you know.”

“But you’re so good at it.” She rubbed her foot along his bottom, then attempted to go between his legs but Donald closed them.

“We talked about this, Jacqueline.” He turned and placed a hand on each of her knees.

“I’m only flirting with you.”

“You’re sexually harassing me, and I believe there’s a strict policy about that.”

“Donald,” she said, bringing her face close to his.

“Ya.” His eyes went to her lips and back to her eyes.

“I need that expense report.”

Find out more about Rebecca on her website: http://www.authorrebeccarose.com/!