What I Did in My Free Time Yesterday: Announcing Weeds and Flowers on Kindle!

So I had a few minutes yesterday. Okay, a few hours. The kids were playing with their Christmas presents and most (not all) of the mess was cleared away. I decided to try something I hadn’t had an opportunity to do, but that I’d heard was really easy.

I messed around and self-published a book.

WEEDS AND FLOWERS was a manuscript I wrote years and years ago. I tried submitting it to different people, but nobody really wanted it. It’s not quite 50,000 words long, it’s not a romance, it’s not horror, it’s kind of hard to define, really. What it truly is is a story about a girl growing up. A coming of age story, in a way. I could have changed it and made it into a true young adult story, but I didn’t want to do that. It deals with themes like racism and child pornography, gossip and small town life. Things I remember the adults whispered about when I was a kid, though I never had to deal with them head on like Charlie, the heroine of my novel, does.

In a way, this was my coming of age story as a writer. It was the first novel I ever wrote. At the time I was writing “flash fiction”, stories less than a thousand words. I got pretty good at those, but I was always being told that what I wrote wasn’t true flash fiction, it was a piece of a longer work. A few fellow writers on the online writing workshop Zoetrope even encouraged me to explore what the story might lead to, if I let it. Two of them that I remember even read my work as I wrote it, letting me know how I was doing. Kathy Fish and Steve Gullion, two incredibly talented writers (Google either one of them to read some great free fiction), read very early manuscripts of WEEDS AND FLOWERS, and their feedback was invaluable to me.

And so, even if nobody is all that interested, I decided to let my “trunk novel” (nod to Stephen King) see the light of day. I priced it at ninety-nine cents because that’s the lowest Amazon would allow if I used their Kindle Direct Publishing service, and I’m really just hoping a few people will read it and enjoy it, and maybe drop me a line to let me know they did.

You can find WEEDS AND FLOWERS here: WEEDS AND FLOWERS for Kindle.

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  1. I have toyed with the idea of some self-publishing through Amazon and the like, but for various reasons the time to do it was never right. I’ll be really interested to see how you do with this. Also, I’ll definitely be downloading this!

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