Happy birthday, Lyrical Press!

I think I’ve mentioned before what a wonderful publisher I have. Haven’t I? Lyrical Press, Inc. threw me a lifeline when I was about to give up on ever getting a book published. In today’s extremely competitive market, it’s not enough to just be a good writer. Sometimes you’ve got to be willing to put aside the dream of seeing your book with a nice shiny cover and look at the small publishers out there doing what they can for the rest of us. And of those small publishers, Lyrical Press is undoubtedly one of the best. It’s run like a bigger publishing house in the hopes of growth, but the publishers honestly seem to care about the writers and editors.

In keeping with the familial feeling of things, we’re all celebrating Lyrical’s third birthday this month. If you check out Lyrical’s blog, you’ll find book and author spotlights from my fellow Lyrical Press authors. And if you follow Lyrical Press on Twitter, you might just get an opportunity to win a free ebook (including SECRETS OF THE LOTUS)!

So help us celebrate! I’m even planning a guest blog on Lyrical Press’s blog later this month! I’ll keep you posted.