My Take on the Royal Wedding, My Mom and HONEOWP

Did you watch it? Were you one of the first to see Kate’s dress? Were you hanging on to every word of their vows? Did you hold your breath until they kissed?

If you answered yes to most of the above, you’re a true romantic, kind of like me. (I was NOT awake to claim to be one of the first to see her dress.) We were supposed to leave for Maryland Friday morning, and my poor husband had to wait impatiently for Kate and Wills to kiss before he could get me out the door! I still haven’t watched the whole wedding, but I did fast forward to the good parts. I was very happy for the two lovebirds and I wish them the best. Kate has big shoes to fill, but I think she’s up to the job.

Now on to my HONEOWP charity. As you know, my April donation will be a wedding gift to the royal couple (see HONEOWP and the Royal Wedding), and I haven’t received my April statement yet. I’ve thought long and hard about this month’s charity. May is a special month for love in my heart. Sixteen years ago this month I was getting ready to start my own married life. My daughter was born in May. And this time of the year is symbolic of new beginnings.

But mostly when I think of May, I think of my mother. (You know, that little holiday called “Mother’s Day”.) If there’s one thing my mother loves, it’s animals. She always has. I remember her feeding squirrels pounds and pounds of peanuts and birdseed when I was growing up, and she’s now very sensitive to the plight of unwanted pets. So, in honor of my mother, this month’s royalties will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society. I love you, Mama!

As usual, I’ll let you know as soon as I get my royalty statement. I’m hoping for a jump in sales as a result of a Lyrical Press ad in Woman’s Day magazine a couple of months ago, but we’ll see. I’m sure Prince William and Princess Catherine are waiting with baited breath!