Update about second thoughts

I’ve been very busy this week because I no sooner began querying agents about my new finished novel than I started having second thoughts. Was it really ready? Shouldn’t I re-read it one more time? Fortunately, I guess, the first agent I queried turned it down. With a sigh of regret for lost opportunities, I decided to read over the completed manuscript, even though I still had some queries out.

I know it’s not necessarily a good thing to re-think yourself. Second thoughts are often a bad thing. And I didn’t even find anything glaring to fix in my book. I tweaked a few phrases and fixed a couple of typos (how do those escape your notice when you read and re-read a manuscript?). However, I’m glad I read the manuscript again because it convinced me of something essential for pitching and selling a book.

It’s good.

I knew it was good. It’s a solid premise for a romance and I’m a decent writer (not for everybody, I know, but hey, if you like a good romance I’m your gal). So I knew in my brain that the book was good. What my re-read did was convince my heart. I’ve worked on this story for so long at times I hated it. Anything that takes up so much of your life can excite a bit of a love/hate relationship and that definitely happened between me and my book.

But now I know in heart and brain that my story is good, I can throw myself behind its sale wholeheartedly. Here’s a little sample of the wares I’ll be peddling:

He turned toward her and placed his right hand on her hip, pulling her slightly into him, his eyes fixed on hers. She giggled and he tsked. “Now, that’s not what we’re going for here. You’ve got to feel the spirit of the dance.” And he whirled her across the walk in a mock tango that had her laughing out loud. When they finally stumbled to a stop, he smiled down at her, still holding her against him. “You have such a nice laugh. You should do it more often.”
Somewhere in the back of her head, an alarm went off, but it was faint and Alicia didn’t back away. She enjoyed the comfort of his touch even though she knew she had no business being in Liam’s arms when her heart still ached for Ty. She dropped her gaze just as he bent his head a little. Their lips just inches apart, their breathing intermingled, she spoke his name on an exhale. “Liam.”
He dropped his hand from her waist, releasing her and backing away. “I’m sorry.”
She caught his hand. “No, it’s just that I was thinking about Ty and missing him. I’m sorry. I’m sending so many mixed signals. I love being with you and it felt really good just now—too good.” She bit her lip, embarrassed but determined not to hide anything from him. “I’ve been feeling really guilty all night for going out with you, and maybe now I know why. I’m really not sure what to feel right now, but I am sure you don’t have anything to apologize for.”
He smiled a little sadly, tightening his grip on her fingers for a moment as he brought her hand to his lips. “Yeah.” He sighed. “I do.”

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