Amanda Von Hoffman, author of BEHIND GREEN GLASS, has officially joined our HONEOWP movement this month. Amanda is donating 10 percent of the cover price of her book to the American Organ Transplant Association. You can read more about her HONEOWP effort on her blog: Gossamer and Lichen.

Moving on, I should have an update for you on my own efforts in a week or so when I receive my March royalty statement. Here’s hoping we’ve raised lots of money for Share Our Strength. Remember you can donate directly to Share Our Strength and find out about their effort to end childhood hunger on their website here: Share Our Strength.

Also, remember that there are so many ways you can help support my HONEOWP effort. If you’ve read Amanda’s or my book, post a review on Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble’s websites, blog about us or mention it on your Facebook page. It’s not just about selling books for us HONEOWPs. We want to make a difference doing what we do best: writing.

For more information about HONEOWPs and what we do, see my HONEOWP FAQ. For more information about buying SECRETS OF THE LOTUS, go here.