10 minutes to update!

I have ten minutes to make a badly needed update! Sorry but the afternoon looks busy here, and it’s been MONDAY in all caps. Started out setting off the alarm because I forgot it was on and opened one of those “instant alarmed” doors. Then I took my eldest son to school only to find out it was a teacher workday I’d neglected to make note of. Sigh. THEN I make plans to pick up my daughter from preschool and have a “picnic” in the car with her and my son before her dance class only to have her decide she needs desperately to go to the potty when we’re parked outside the dance studio waiting for the teacher. I had to run her into the Italian restaurant next door to visit their potty, and a big thank you to the folks at Paula’s Pizza for being so understanding about a 3-year-old’s bladder.

So that’s why I now have five minutes left to update you on what I’m doing. Fortunately, it won’t take much more than that. Still hoping to have a lot of folks buy my book this month since all royalties go to Share Our Strength, dedicated to ending childhood hunger in your neighborhood, mine and the ones all around the United States. It’s a worthy cause, so consider buying my book. For tips on how to do it, check out the SECRETS OF THE LOTUS tab at the top of this page.

About two minutes left before my next kid pickup, so I’ll just say I’m having a great time reading all the latest releases from my friends. I demolished Ellen Meister’s THE OTHER LIFE and Kevin Wallis’s BENEATH THE SURFACE OF THINGS (more on this one later) and I’m loving CRYER’s CROSS by Lisa McMann with G.C. Smith’s WHITE LIGHTNING waiting in the wings. Gotta come up with a plan to get myself out of reading and back into writing, though! I’m working on it.