HONEOWP and the Royal Wedding

How does my humble HONEOWP movement affect the royal wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton? Well, it probably won’t have much effect. After all, I’ve only managed to donate the minimum to all the charities I’ve selected so far. However, because the royal couple has asked for donations to charities instead of gifts, I’ve decided to take part in my own small way. This month, my HONEOWP charity is Earthwatch, one of the charities chosen by the couple as part of their royal wedding fund. For more information on Earthwatch, visit their website here: Earthwatch Institute. For more information on William and Catherine’s charitable choices, check this out: Royal Wedding Charity Fund.

Why is the royal wedding of so much interest to me when I live in America, where we supposedly have no royalty? Because of the morning in July 1981 when my mother woke me early enough to watch a fuzzy picture on television of a beautiful young woman marrying a prince. I was eleven years old and I had no idea what tragedy awaited that seemingly happy couple. I only saw a real live girl marrying her prince. Just like a fairytale.

Will I wake my 3-year-old daughter to watch Catherine walk down the aisle with William? Probably not. I will record it to watch with her later, though. She won’t fully comprehend what she’s watching, just as I didn’t, but it will be one of those moments we can share. I still remember that morning with my mother, and I can hope that my daughter will someday treasure the memory of watching this royal wedding as much as I do the wedding of Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana. Maybe she’ll feel like she’s watching a real live fairytale, just like I did.

Of course, we all know fairytales don’t exist outside books. But those of us who have been lucky enough to find our princes know that even if there’s no “happily ever after”, there’s still a lot of happiness to be had.

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  1. Michelle, I so remember exactly what you described – my mom waking me early in the morning to watch Princess Diana and Prince Charles get married. What a nice memory!

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