Warning! Literary Agents and Publishers: I Just Finished Another One!

Author’s Disclaimer: The following was written in a moment of absolute giddiness, so please excuse any attitude I cop and don’t let it ruin my career. Thank you, Michelle Garren Flye, author extraordinaire

Dear Literary Agents and Publishers:

I find it necessary to notify you that on this 28th day of February 2011, I have finished another one. Yep. I’m sitting here looking at 175 pages (single-spaced, I haven’t properly formatted it yet) and 84,400 words of romantic goodness.

You know what that means, of course? It means I’m on the hunt yet again. I need a publisher for this latest masterpiece, and to get one, I probably need a literary agent to get me into the gate of literary publishingdom. So that means you’ll be hearing from me.

The first round of query letters will be aimed at the few literary agents who’ve given me reason to hope in the past. Second round will go to the best literary agents I know who are currently accepting romantic subs. Third round will be every other agent I have the energy to send an email or letter to. After that I’ll start addressing every reputable publisher that doesn’t actually require a literary agent.

Eventually, I’ll find a home for ALWAYS FAITHFUL. It’s a good story, and I wrote it well.

If you’d like to get a jump on your competitors and have a preview of ALWAYS FAITHFUL, just drop me a line at michellegflye@gmail.com. I’m sure I can find time to email you a chapter or two.

Thanks in advance,

Michelle Garren Flye
Author of three of the best romance novels ever

1 thought on “Warning! Literary Agents and Publishers: I Just Finished Another One!

  1. First off–CONGRATS!! This is great, I love it!!
    (What I don’t love, is that at this time, I can’t read your book!!! grrrrr…huff, stomp, spit…;)

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