My March HONEOWP Charity: Share Our Strength and Fight Childhood Hunger

While I wait to hear how much my February royalties will enable me to donate to Survival International, I wanted to fill you in on my March charity. I really, really like the way this charity is structured and I love who the beneficiaries of it are.

I first found out about Share Our Strength a couple of weeks ago when I read an article about childhood hunger. The article included interviews with teachers who described children too hungry to focus on their lessons, children who would just put their heads on their desks and cry because they didn’t have breakfast.

As PTO president for my son’s elementary school, I know all about the free and reduced price lunch programs that are offered to children. I also see a lot of kids who buy their lunches and don’t eat half of them. My own kids have always preferred to take lunch, mainly because they’re exceedingly picky and don’t usually like what’s offered by the cafeteria. In my cafeteria observations, I have noticed some clean plates at lunchtime, though. Are these likely the hungry kids? The ones who come to school without breakfast to fuel them for the day? Do we have children in my community who deal with hunger every day?

I have no way of knowing, but the thought that there are children anywhere who don’t have enough food breaks my heart. So I’ve chosen Share Our Strength as my March HONEOWP charity. If you have any interest at all in supporting this organization’s fight against childhood hunger, I encourage you to check out their website. They have multiple different ways to help, including hosting a bake sale, a national dine-out to end hunger (September 18-24, 2011) and free summer meals for children. And if you’re wondering where I’m sending my royalties from March to, check out this link: Share Our Strength March Royalty donation.

Edited to add: On a separate note, I made a commitment to Share Our Strength’s Great American Bake Sale today. I have committed to raise $250 in 243 days. To keep tabs on how I’m doing, check out my website: MGF’s Great American Bake Sale. Keep in mind I’m not much of baker, so it’ll be interesting to see how this goes! By the way, any funds donated this way do not count as my HONEOWP royalty donations.