In Defense of the Shape of Women

It’s been a long time since Rush Limbaugh was able to say anything to upset me. In recent years, he’s seemed more like a pitiful old man trying to stay in the limelight than anything else, but he finally did it again. He got under my skin. In this day and age of every woman wanting to look like the models on the front of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, ol’ Rush decided to point out that our first lady wasn’t swimsuit material.

Really, Rush? Like you ever have been.

Let’s look at Michelle Obama with a critical but unprejudiced eye. She’s 47 years old and she’s had two children. She dresses nicely and she’s always well-groomed when in public. (Not so sure I can say the same for Rush!) She started the “Let’s Move” campaign to promote public awareness of childhood obesity and hopefully help prevent it. Rush, for some odd reason, seemed to think he was qualified to criticize Mrs. Obama’s eating habits.

Okay, time for a reality check. Women today need to stop being ashamed of their bodies. I’ve had three children, and I’ll tell you, my body does NOT look like it did when I was 18 or 19 years old. My last kid was really tough on my shape, and I’ve got bulges in spots that probably will never go away, at least not without surgical assistance. However, I don’t think I’m a cow, either, and it makes me sick to hear anyone call a decent-looking, average weight, middle-aged woman “overweight”…or worse.

It’s time to get over this obsession with looking like movie stars. I don’t expect all men to look like Christian Bale or Johnny Depp, though it might be nice. Women have curves, guys. Some of those curves aren’t always in the right spots, but if a woman eats reasonably and exercises regularly, maybe we all need to accept that curves and even bulges aren’t necessarily a bad thing.

3 thoughts on “In Defense of the Shape of Women

  1. Michelle, I for one, think women are beautiful. It’s not all about their shape that matters. I know a lot of women who could be models, but a good many of them have the attitudes of trolls. That’s not attractive in the least.

    My wife has had two children. My oldest was rough on her body, while my youngest was not. But, still, she is a beautiful woman with beautiful features and a beautiful personality.

    What I would really like to know is just who decided what was attractive and what wasn’t. Back in the thirties and forties women who are considered full figure today were hot then. When did that change?

    I just know that beauty and sex appeal all come from an attitude. There are quite a few starlets/stars out there who are not attractive at all, but carry themselves like they are–thus making them attractive to the masses.

    It’s attitude… it’s all about the attitude.

    I could preach for hours on this, but I think I’ll stop there.

    • I once read a story (a sort of Twilight Zone thing) in which the people we would classify as “ugly” were the attractive ones while our “pretty” people were outcasts. Made me wonder about who sets the standards, too, AJ. And I know not all men are as idiotic as Rush Limbaugh. I think I’ll classify this blog post as a “rant”, but I really felt it crossed the line that Limbaugh of all people would criticize a woman — any woman — for being overweight. Especially when I really don’t think she is! For heaven’s sake, let’s all get a more realistic attitude toward weight and what women should look like. I don’t want my daughter growing up in a world that tells her she has to be 5’10” and 110 pounds. I want her to be comfortable in her own skin, regardless of what shape that skin is.

      Okay, end of rant.

  2. This is so timely, Michelle! Both Rush and Glenn (Beck) are pitiful figures, but they are dangerous for the sway they hold over the unthinking masses. “Please, Rush, think for me; thank you, Glenn, for telling me how I feel.” and I have neighbors like this, as you do seeing as how we’re from the same area.

    I like AJ’s thought that beauty is about attitude, and it’s not bonded with our weight. I shan’t be 18 or 19 again, either, but I DO need to exercise more, which is what Michelle Obama is focusing on: eat right, exercise. Simple, but not when vending machines at schools are full of junk.

    So kudos to Michelle Obama!

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