One month anniversary: Excerpt time!

Hi everyone. Since SECRETS has been officially for sale for one month (and two days) now, I thought we’d celebrate with an excerpt. With no further ado:

Dan woke very early the next morning with Josie‟s hair tickling his nose, her body warm against his and desire rising in his body like the sun whose light he couldn‟t yet see. He had already brushed her hair back from her neck and tightened his hold on her when he woke completely, realized what he was doing and froze in the act, guiltily conscious of how pleasurable her body felt and wanting desperately to feel more of it. He even considered continuing what he‟d sleepily begun, kissing her neck, feeling her wake and turn to him. He caught his breath and shook his head to clear it.

Uncomfortably aware if she were to wake up it would be a very embarrassing moment for him, he was still reluctant to let go of her. Knowing he must, he sat up very carefully, using the quilt to cover her as he moved slowly away. He couldn‟t help noticing how lovely she looked, her hair tousled about on the pillow, her face flushed, one hand under her cheek.

SECRETS OF THE LOTUS is available for sale on, (see link on home page), and many other ebook retailers.

2 thoughts on “One month anniversary: Excerpt time!

  1. I imagine most men who deeply love their significant other has done this type of thing once or twice in their relationship. I know I have several times with my wife. Just woke up and stared at her, brushed her hair from her face and gazed at the peace she was in. Very realistic details, Michelle. Very good.

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