School starts next week for one of my kids, which means summer is almost over and I’m looking back to see what I’ve accomplished. I had some really big goals, but I’m afraid I had to narrow them down a bit. I did manage to:

1. Potty train my daughter! (Yay!)
2. Finish the first draft of my work-in-progress. Now the editing begins.
3. Start shopping around another completed manuscript. It’s with an agent now. I’m trying not to bite my fingernails off while I wait!
4. Spend a lot of time with my kids. My oldest is ten and starting fifth grade next year. I know if I blink for too long, he’ll be heading off to college, so I’m trying to keep my eyes wide open and enjoy every second he can stand with me.

This season wasn’t a total wash. I’m refreshed and ready for the fall. My youngest starts preschool next month, which will leave me three mornings a week free for writing. I have plans to make the most of those mornings and maybe get away from the late nights. Late nights plus early mornings do not equal a happy mom, wife, writer, editor or friend!