Poem 3 (National Poetry Month): Zoom…Zoom…Zoom

It’s my oldest boy’s birthday, so I’m taking a break from the depressing stuff and celebrating him. Happy birthday to my son.


By Mom

Time flies when you’re having fun, or so they say,

But I can remember each individual day.

From the time you were born,

The last day diapers were worn,

From taking your first step,

To each and every time you wept.

The joy of you has kept us wondering what’s next

From the moment you drew first breath.

It’s not always easy, in fact life can be hard.

But you’re up to it, Josh, you’ll do your part.

Hang in there, have faith, and I know you’ll see

Just how much happiness a good life can be.

National Poetry Month: Poem 4

I actually wrote this last night, but it was after midnight, making it the day after my oldest son’s birthday.

Poem 4:

The Day After Motherhood

By Michelle Garren Flye


I still remember the moment they woke me.

They said my baby needed me.

I remember thinking, Really?

He’s mine?


You were.


For years after that, you really were.

Mine to tote to the store.

Mine to entertain.

Mine to sing to, to read to,

To coax into sleep.




But now, it’s the next day,

You’re almost ready now.

To make decisions, to venture out…

To live your life.


Still mine…but more.