February HONEOWP Charity Update

Survival International posted some truly amazing footage of uncontacted tribal people on their website. You can view it here: Uncontacted Tribes. It’s truly incredible to think about what it must be like to be one of those people who goes days and weeks without seeing anyone outside their own tribe watching an airplane in the sky above. When you watch it, imagine the horror of having a logging company lay waste to the forest you call home and you’ll know why I designated Survival International as my February charity and why I sincerely hope everyone out there will either buy my book or recommend it to someone so I’ll have a lot of royalties to donate this month.

Five Flowers I Love:
1. Daffodils
2. Violets
3. Buttercups
4. Carnations
5. Daisies

Weekly Review

It’s a quiet Saturday morning, what better time to take a breathing moment and look back at my week?

First and foremost, I received my royalty statement. Only sold one copy of my book last month, but that’s okay. I’ll still be donating $25 to Habitat for Humanity, and Steve Lowe signed on to donate his royalties to charity this month, so my HONEOWP initiative is moving forward. I would love, love, love to donate much more than the minimum to Survival International at the end of this month, though, so please consider (1) buying my book, (2) recommending my book to others, (3) spreading the word about this initiative! Talk about it on Facebook or your blog. The more people willing to talk about it, the more people will become aware of the charities being donated to.

Second, I tried an experiment over the last couple of weeks. I wrote a short romance story. Well, it’s short for me, anyway. About 6,000 words. I think it’s pretty good, but I’m waiting for word from my first reader, whose opinion I trust. In the meantime, I’m returning to editing ALWAYS FAITHFUL, trying to figure out what to do with it after I’m done. I’ve had an offer from a couple of friends to read and comment, so once I’m done with my pre-edits, I’ll probably turn to them for help.

Finally, since February is the month for love, I’ve decided to dedicate my posts this month to things I love. Which means at the end of every post, I’m going to list five things I love. This time, I’m going to list five cars I love. Literally love.

1. Corvettes. Any model year except the 90s.
2. Dodge Viper.
3. Camaros! Love the new ones almost as much as the old ones.
4. Lotus. (Obviously.)
5. The Pontiac Firebird Burt Reynolds drove in Smokey and the Bandit. Just that one, and don’t tell anybody.

HONEOWP February Charity

I’m eagerly waiting for January’s royalty statement to find out how much will be donated to Habitat for Humanity, but in the meantime, I had to make a decision about what to do this month. I’ll let you know as soon as I know how many copies I sold!

I thought hard about where to dedicate February’s royalties. February is the month of love, so I wanted this month’s royalties to do something special. I’ve decided to donate whatever monies I receive from sales of my book SECRETS OF THE LOTUS to Survival International. Survival International works for tribal people whose way of life is being threatened by progress. Logging, mining, violence and slavery threaten some of our last unspoiled cultures, people who just want to be allowed to live the way their ancestors have for centuries. Their destruction will take with it invaluable knowledge about a way of life and living close to our earth that we should value.

If you’d like to know more about Survival International, click here: About Survival International. If you’d like to donate directly to Survival International, click here: Donate.

Thanks to Joe! and a HONEOWP update

Thank you Joe Young for kicking off my blog series on naming characters so successfully! I really enjoyed reading Joe’s answers to my questions, and they made me think carefully about my own attitude toward character names. I usually start out a novel with character names already in mind, but if I haven’t taken a little time to really think about who my characters are, I often find I need to change their names. I was especially intrigued when Joe said he knew there’d be a character named “the rabbit” in the book from the beginning, but he didn’t really know who it would be until his main character encountered him. I do love an opportunity to discuss writing with fellow authors. It’s always refreshing finding out about the differences and similarities.

Speaking of which, don’t forget to check back for A.J. Brown’s interview on Monday, January 10. It promises to be a good one. Get to know A.J. a little in the feature area to the upper left.

Finally, I received my latest royalty statement and am happy to report I sold a few more copies, so I’ve donated $25 more to the National Wildlife Federation’s Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund. (If you’d like to add a little more to the fund, you can click on the link.) Remember, $25 is the minimum I’ve pledged to donate to a charity each month of this year. If my royalties go above and beyond $25, I’ll donate all of it to my chosen charity of the month.

Here are my HONEOWP stats so far:

November (NWF’s Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund): $25
December (NWF’s Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund): $25
January (Habitat for Humanity): ????

If you’d like to join me in my HONEOWP (Helpful Outstanding Novelists, Editors and Others in the Writing Profession) initiative, email me at michellegflye@gmail.com. I know 2011 is going to be a great year!

A New Year: Happy 2011

I’m only twelve hours into the new year but I’ve already broken one of my resolutions. Remember that 5K I first thought I’d run, then decided I’d walk with my kids? I didn’t make it. I’ve been fighting a cold for the past week and it got the better of me today. I wasn’t totally certain I’d even make it without a fit of coughing, so I stayed home. I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed, though.

Still, I am focusing on the positive. My HONEOWP initiative. My friend A.J. Brown blogged about it today, making him a true HONEOWP, but then I already knew that. Check out his blog here: Type A.J. Negative. So, with A.J. and Steve, my HONEOWPs now number three including me. And we’re only one day into the new year.

And I’m not giving up on the 5K, either. I plan to walk at least three miles with my kids today and I’m going to keep an ear out for another organized walk/run in the coming weeks. Maybe I’ll even stay well long enough to train to run it this time! In the meantime, I’m ready for the marathon of this year. I’ve simplified my resolutions to one: Face every challenge with everything I’ve got. If only because it won’t do any good to do anything else.

Last post of the year!

Happy end of the year, everybody! It’s not quite midnight, but I wanted to take a breathing moment to say hey. I’ve been working hard at my edits of WINTER SOLSTICE for the past couple of days. I want to get them back to my editor by the end of next week.

Besides the publication of WINTER SOLSTICE I’ve got a lot to look forward to this year. For instance, my HONEOWP initiative has attracted some attention. I’ve already had a fellow writer offer to join me for a month. Check out his website here: Steve Lowe. I’m hoping more writers, editors and publishers will choose to join up eventually. Next month my royalties will be donated to Habitat for Humanity. If you’d like to help, you can buy my book or you can donate directly: Habitat for Humanity.

I’m also going to start the search for a publishing home for ALWAYS FAITHFUL next year. I haven’t quite finished the self edits but once I do, I’ll send it to my test readers, and after I incorporate their suggestions, it’s off to find a publisher! I have a lot of faith in ALWAYS FAITHFUL. It’s a good book, a little more than the romances I’ve been writing.

And of course, I’m going to keep up with my blog. I love hearing from readers on here, and I love telling you my plans for the future. I’ll do my best to keep it interesting, starting with my interview with Joe Young for my series A Rose is a Rose on January 3!

Day 26 of the Kindle Giveaway: HONEOWP 2011

Hi guys. Not much left to say about those Kindles. They’re up for grabs until the 22nd, so if you haven’t entered, please do! Check my former blog entries for details.

I’m going to talk instead about my royalty donation effort. I’m really enjoying this. You see, although it would be great to be a best-selling novelist, I didn’t really get into the writing thing to make money. Most writers don’t, as a matter of fact. Not to say that making money off our writing wouldn’t be great. It would and we all aspire to that, but mostly because if we’re making money, we’re professionals and that means people recognize we have something to say. The more money we make, the more people there are listening to us.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to start a new movement. Beginning in January 2011, I am dedicating a year’s worth of my royalties to charity, a different one each month. Every month I will donate a minimum of $25 to a charity of my choosing, although I will accept suggestions from my blog readers. If my royalties go above $25, I will donate that amount. I’m inviting all of you to join me in this effort. If you’re a published writer, consider donating your royalties (from one month or twelve!) to a charity. If not, blog about this effort or post about it on Facebook. If you are willing to blog about the effort, let me know and I’ll list your website in a special section of my blog titled “HONEOWP” (Helpful Outstanding Novelists, Editors and Others in the Writing Profession), and I’d appreciate it if you’d do the same. I’d like to end up with a network of writers, editors and bloggers who all refer their readers to each others’ sites.

Email me at michellegflye@gmail.com if you are interested in participating.