Poem: Mourning Daffodils

Photo by Michelle Garren Flye (that’s me!)

Mourning Daffodils

By Michelle Garren Flye

Time for daffodils is done—

Azaleas are too serious for fun.

And then the dogwood arrives

To sermonize as she staidly thrives.

Beautiful roses may lighten us all

But hark the approach of coming fall.

I’ll have to wait for the mums to grow

To have a little fun before the snow.

Yes, daffodil time is over for good.

Spring’s best bloom now buried in mud.

On the horizon, dark clouds loom

Set to bury us all in eternal gloom.

When yellow buds return, who knows

Which way they will find the wind blows?

Will I be there again to greet my old friends?

So many factors on which that depends.