National Poetry Month: Poem 15

A little intro to this poem is needed I think. On Wednesday, April 12, Beverly Cleary celebrated her 101st birthday. Yes, she’s still alive. Of all the authors of all the books I’ve ever read, Beverly Cleary may mean the most to me. I read her books as a child. Ralph the mouse’s adventures inspired me. Ramona’s made me laugh. Socks the cat’s story turned me into a more sensitive cat person. And most of all, Beverly Cleary inspired me to become a writer with this quote:

If you don’t see the book you want on the shelf, write it.

And so this poem is for a truly great, awesomely inspiring writer. Thank you, Beverly Cleary.

Poem 15

Beverly Cleary 101

By Michelle Garren Flye


If you don’t see the book you want to read,

Write it.

If you can’t find a shore to live on,


If no store stocks the tool you need,

Invent it.

If the cure for your disease isn’t available,



Grow the food you want to eat but can’t find.

Make the furniture you’ve always wanted.

Imagine, envision, discover…

Live the life you want to live.