National Poetry Month: Poem 7

A little late with this one, and I tried a little rhyming. No real scheme to it, but maybe that would come in a later draft.

Poem 7

Bang, Explained

By Michelle Garren Flye


I just heard a bang downstairs.

The house is dark and cold.

No one’s home but me, I know,

Cause Mom went to the store.

Do I investigate?

Oh, I can’t be that bold.

Tiptoe to the banister and peer below?

Surely it’s better to wait.


That was a creak,

But I’ve heard that one before.

What could that bang have been?

I’ll just go back to my game.

There’s nothing here to hurt me now.

There, I heard it again!

What’s down there creeping around?

I’d better go check—no, wait!


That’s nothing at all but the cat at my door.

Maybe’s he’s lonely…like me.


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