National Poetry Month: Poem 5

Poem 5:

I Dreamed About…

By Michelle Garren Flye


I dreamed three dreams.


I dreamed about grandchildren

Although I’m too young.

There were three,

But I only remember one.

Beautiful, blonde and laughing at me.


I dreamed about clouds in the sky

But when I woke, the sun was shining.

You said it was my imagination.

But later when I looked up

I saw a cloud and it reminded me.


I dreamed about tornadoes

On the eve of the inauguration.

One, two, three, four…

All went around me.

But there was a fifth on the horizon.


Of the dreams, I only like the first one.

I cling to it when it wants to fade.

A beacon of hope

When the others strive to overwhelm,

Or when I fear they may be true.