Fantasy Adventures in My Own World

Once upon a time. Those are magical words, aren’t they? I mean, right up there with “on a dark and stormy night” as far as how NOT to start your new novel, but still magical. Those words tell you you’re about to be transported to another world, an alternate reality. I love that feeling, and that’s why I’m currently writing romantic fantasy, even if I do find it much more challenging than contemporary romance.

I’m more than halfway through editing Time Being, the second book of my Synchronicity series, which began with Out of Time. Last month I released the short story Strange Path, which is technically a prequel, but the hero of that story has a major role in Time Being. I posted on Facebook and Twitter today that “Strange Path” is not only where my story has been, it’s also where it’s going.

A friend who is familiar with the Synchronicity series posted this kind review on her Facebook page to encourage readers to try it out: “Synchronicity blends Tolkien-like creatures, Gabaldon-like portals, a bit of Rowling-like magic with Swords and romance!” Of course I was flattered by the comparisons, but I also loved that she enjoyed the world of Synchronicity. Creating a compelling fantasy world of your own is a challenge, and you can really only hope to have learned enough about world-building from your heroes to manage it. My friend’s words helped me believe that maybe I had.

I hope you’ll read “Strange Path”, and if you do, I hope you enjoy it enough to try out Out of Time before Time Being debuts, hopefully in May. Read for free here: