And here we…go!

Oh, Good Morning! Yes, this is the place. I’m the one launching Out of Time…It’s a bit early, though. I’m eating my cereal…oh, never mind. Come on in! Let’s get the party started, huh?

Launch day! Sounds exciting, right? It is. It’s so much fun knowing the work I’ve put in is finally out there. There being the wide world of readers. But I can’t help worrying, just as everyone worries when they send something they’ve put a lot of work into out into the world. Will the world be kind?

Time will tell.

release blitzMeanwhile, I’m all over the Internet today. Literally. You can find a list of my tour stops at this page: Enchanted Book Promotions Release Blitz. However, I’ll also be posting links as I get to each one today. So stay tuned here and I’ll post a link and you can meet me over there. There being the blog hosting the tour stop. It’ll be like space travel…only on the Internet! Virtual space travel, and you can say something nice about my book, and I’ll say something nice back. It’ll be cool.

Don’t forget that any time you comment here on this blog, I’ll enter you into a random drawing for a Kindle Fire, to be awarded here on my blog at 7 p.m. tonight. You’ll either need to leave me a way to get in touch with you on the comment or check back at 7 p.m. (Eastern cause that’s the time zone I live in.) Only commenters here on my blog will be entered into the giveaway, but I hope you’ll say hello no matter where you see me today! I’ll also be giving out $5 Amazon e-gift cards throughout the day, so make sure you check for those too!

In the meantime, if you haven’t bought your copy of Out of Time, it’s available in all major ebook formats on Smashwords, kindle format on Amazon and for your Nook on Barnes & Noble. And if you prefer hard copy, paperback versions are also available on CreateSpace, soon to be on Amazon and other major online book stores. So go get your copy! What are you waiting for?

24 thoughts on “And here we…go!

  1. So excited for you! You are a gifted writer, and I love seeing my friends share their gifts with the world!

  2. Good luck today, Michelle. I hope your virtual GPS is up to date. And best of luck with the book!

    • Okay, I’m still on my first cup of coffee, Lydia…virtual GPS? I should probably get that… And thanks! EDITED TO ADD: Oh Jeez…never mind! I get it. I’m posting everywhere and need to slow down a bit… Thank you for the well wishes, dear!

  3. Happy launch day!

    I’m glad you got a post up before I went out today and I’m not going to be home by 7pm Eastern and I’d like to win that Kindle Fire. They’re $40 to $50 cheaper on than but the .com won’t ship them to Canada because I guess it competes with their Canadian operations. I should probably just buy one, ship it to you, and then have you mail it to me! But I’ll try the easy way first.

    Good luck with today’s launch. Throwing a little support your way, I’ve already bought my copy. It’s a little different than what I normally read but I’m open to trying other genres.

  4. You’ve been a great writer since our Zoe days! So glad everyone else is taking notice of your beautiful writing.

  5. I’m dropping by to offer my sincere congratulations on the launch of “Out of Time!” I just purchased my copy and look forward to reading it!

  6. Congratulations, Michelle Flye! You are a woman of many talents and gifts. You are an inspiration to those of us still wondering “can this really happen?” WOOHOO! Can’t wait to read it.

  7. I’ve only started reading this book, but I think it’s going to get interesting!!

  8. Congrats, Michelle! I’m sure it will be great! It’s great that we have social media. What a perfect way to introduce your hard work!

  9. Yay! Today is the day that you have been waiting for! What a wonderful feeling! Big cheers for you!!

  10. OK, gonna try to comment again. My goal was to be your first commenter and it didn’t quite work out. No worries though! I’ve been checking in throughout the day to see what cool launch stuff is going on and it has been great! I love the blog hopping. This has been a great day and I hope you have been able to enjoy it.

    What I had typed this morning was something like this: I am SO excited for today. First, because it is the birthday of your book and second, because I get to READ your book! Yay for both of us 🙂

    Thanks for writing books that I love. There is nothing like looking forward to a book from an author that you love .

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