Since when is it not PC to be politically correct?

It’s Super Tuesday and a lot of people are heading to the polls to vote in the presidential primary. I wish them all luck and hope they will vote with their hearts.

That’s the politically correct thing to say. It demonstrates a faith in my fellow human beings, a respect for their wishes and a desire for them to be able to express those wishes, even if they don’t correspond with my own. (#NeverTrump)

More and more often I’m hearing people say “Don’t be so politically correct”. To which I have to respond, why the hell not? To me, being politically correct is not calling people offensive names because they have a different race, color or creed from me. It’s respecting other people with different viewpoints. It’s embracing the boiling pot of America with pride and patriotism and saying, “America is great because of our differences.”

If you are headed to the polls today or in the coming days, remember that America was founded on the fundamental idea that every person (“person” is more PC than “man”) has a voice and should be heard. And that’s about as politically correct as it gets.

3 thoughts on “Since when is it not PC to be politically correct?

  1. Pendulum’s swing.

    The fine idea of political correctness that you espouse is seen in many circles to have reached a point where it stifles speech.

    You say, “‘person’ is more PC than ‘man.'” That’s a fine idea. I see nothing wrong with your choice to use the word “person” instead of the word “man.”

    My problem is when people are called misogynist and sexist because they choose to use “man” instead of “person.” That’s not embracing different viewpoints; that’s stifling speech by using offensive name calling – exactly what you seek to avoid.

    Sometimes, in the course of human events, it’s necessary for a pendulum to swing back in the other direction in order to get to a place where things make sense.

    • Honestly I laughed at myself while writing this because I first put in the word “man”, then changed it. That was sort of tongue-in-cheek. I agree. Political correctness can be taken too far, usually by extremists. But I do think that the basic principle of being PC is to be kind and kindness should never go out of style.

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