In with both feet and hoping self-publishing isn’t one of the deadly sins.

I recently published this picture on Twitter and Facebook:

Ducks book_large

I captioned it “A preview of things to come”. And yes, that’s my name on the front of an actual physical book. It’s just a proof copy for me to find all my errors (and there are a few), but when I give CreateSpace the word, it becomes real. It’ll really be for sale. You can order it from Amazon and it will arrive in a box. Huh.

Back in the days when self-publishing was called “vanity” publishing, it was, perhaps, the deadly sin of writing. I’ve dipped my toes into the swirling whirlpool of self-publishing by creating Kindle e-books from two of my manuscripts that I couldn’t find homes for elsewhere, but I never considered print-on-demand before. Recently, however, I was encouraged to jump in with both feet and see where the whirlpool takes me, and I decided to do it. I figured, hey, if nothing else, I’ll see my name on the front of my book (I think I see where the “vanity” comes in).

Yesterday the proof arrived. Proof of my vanity? Maybe. But it’s kind of neat to hold that book in my hands and know it’s something I made. From beginning to end, I created it. I took the picture that’s on the front cover. I edited it (and it takes courage to admit that, because it’s going to have some mistake). I built this book like my kids build spaceships with Legos. It’s not quite finished yet. I still have to make certain I don’t need to reformat anything else, and then I jump in, feet first, and find out what it’s really like being a self-published author.