Two more reviews! And your chance to win a Nook!

Any news at this point is good news, so I’ve decided to give you links to both of these reviews, even though one is a two-star review and really didn’t say anything positive. However, it’s only fair that I report both reviews to you, since these people were kind enough to spend time reading and thinking about my book.

We’ll start with the good review, which was from Mother & Daughter Reading Team (indubitably the cutest idea for a blog I’ve ever seen). Maybe when my daughter is old enough, we’ll start one of these. I browsed through some of their other reviews and found some interesting stuff. Here’s a short quote and a link to the review:

This was a great book with likable characters and a few interesting surprises, all things that kept me engaged. — Mother & Daughter Reading Team

And the flip side of the coin, a review from Jo’s Sanctuary. Two stars. Jo says it was “ok”, and if you want to know why she thinks so, you’ll have to read the review. Anyway, you can’t please everybody.

My thanks, again, to both reviewers!

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